The banana pudding you see here once won first prize in a dessert contest. It will be a winner at your house too!

Award Winning Banana Pudding #easy #dessert

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Once upon a time, I was a database programmer. No really, it’s true. When I worked at a consulting company, we had a summer picnic with a dessert contest. I decided to bring banana pudding, a picnic classic, right? I told my co-workers ahead of time, and they urged me to choose something else, telling me that banana desserts never win the competition. (They were old timers, and this was my first time at the rodeo.) I decided to buck the trend and stick with my plan.

Lo and behold, the pudding won! FIRST PRIZE. Some gloating was in order of course. One lady wanted to know my secret because her banana pudding had been passed over in the past. My boss, who had tried to warn me against making this dessert, seemed genuinely outraged that my pudding could win over his chocolatey chocolate whatever it was. What can I say? People love this dessert. YOU will love this dessert. Please try it and report back!

Thanks to my mom for teaching me how to make this many years ago.


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