Meet the Team Behind The Weary Chef

Meet the Team - The Weary Chef
Meet the Team - The Weary Chef

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Samuel Warde assumed the role of chief editor, lead writer, and voice of The Weary Chef in July 2019. A culinary school graduate, Samuel is a certified Associate Chef and Instructor with over 25 years experience in the culinary arts.

The Weary Chef is proud to be a resource for thousands of busy cooks. Our mission is to provide simple and easy recipes to busy cooks.

Welcome to our community of food lovers.


When I’m in my kitchen everything else disappears – no worries, no deadlines, no phone, no kids, just me, the big mighty Internet (for inspiration), and the passion I have for everything that tastes like a little spark of heaven. The foodie in me is never too satisfied with her work and dishes, so you’ll always find here, on WearyChef, nothing but my best recipes. 

When I started writing on this blog, I thought “Hmm, I’m not exactly a weary chef. I love to cook and write about it for anyone who shares this passion of mine!”. Well, when I actually started doing it, I surely empathized with the blog’s name. My laptop still has dry batter under its keyboard… Just saying!

However, when you work on a project born of love, you achieve clarity at some point. That happened to me, too. Everything seemed to settle down after a while and the kitchen became my happy place. I could be mad at my hubby and I could be stressing about my kids’ homework, but the moment I set foot in the kitchen and powered on my laptop, everything would make sense. 

So, bear with me, loves! We’ll prepare every insane recipe out there, step by step, learning together from our mistakes. No rush, no predefined standards, no judging, only love for food and some good time!

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