Chicken and Bean Quesadillas - #protein packed #dinner the family will love! by @wearychef
Chicken and Bean Quesadillas: A protein packed dinner!
These chicken and bean quesadillas are packed with protein and fiber, making them as healthy as they are delicious! This is a perfect easy dinner the whole family will love.
Lightened Up Deep Dish Pizza by @wearychef
Lightened Up Deep Dish Pizza Recipe
You know why deep dish pizza is usually so good? Butter, and lots of it! I lightened up this recipe to give you 100% of the flavor with only 50% of the guilt. Enjoy!
Cheese Tortellini with Sausage and Spinach in a Creamy Broth | The Weary Chef
Tortellini with Sausage in a Light Sauce
This easy, 30-minute cheese tortellini with sausage recipe is a perfect weeknight meal that doesn't require much time or many dishes.
Slow Cooker Beef Tips over Rice - Inexpensive and easy crockpot recipe!
Slow Cooker Beef Tips over Rice: A quick and easy crockpot recipe!
These slow cooker beef tips over rice are warm, comforting, and perfect for busy nights. The vegetables stretch the meat, so one pack of stew meat can serve your whole family!
Chicken and Wild Rice Salad - Try something different with this hearty, delicious dinner salad! - wearychef.com
Chicken Salad with Wild Rice: A Hearty, Savory Dinner Salad
This dinner salad full of rice, chicken, fruit, and avocado is an out-of-the-ordinary dinner that I hope your family will love!
Easy Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti - Your family's new favorite dinner!
Easy Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
You will LOVE this recipe! A few simple ingredients come together to make a creamy, cheesy chicken spaghetti casserole that will please the whole family.
Baked Turkey Taquitos with Sneaky Squash
Baked Taquitos with Turkey and a Stowaway Vegetable
These crispy baked taquitos are filled with spicy ground turkey, cheese, and a sneaky vegetable. This is a fun, easy dinner that the whole family will love!
Kid Friendly Pasta Salad
Kid Friendly Pasta Salad
This simple kid friendly pasta salad with cheese, chicken, and edamame is a complete meal and easy for little ones to eat with their fingers.
Use This Simple Ingredient for Perfectly Charred Steak
Perfect Seared Steak with Charred Crust
Who needs a grill when you can get perfectly seared steak like this indoors? Find out which simple ingredient will give you a beautiful charred crust.
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken with Goat Cheese and Spinach - wearychef.com
Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Spinach and Goat Cheese
These Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts with spinach and goat cheese look fancy but are actually pretty easy to make.
Almost Too Easy Honey Mustard Salmon - You will love this quick, easy, and delicious dinner recipe! #seafood
Almost Too Easy Honey Mustard Salmon
This Honey Mustard Salmon recipe requires no measuring and no cleanup! This is a perfect dish for busy weeknights when you are short on time or energy. This recipe really lets the rich flavor of the salmon...
Skillet Sausage Pasta with Summer Vegetables
Skillet Sausage Pasta with Summer Vegetables
This skillet sausage pasta with zucchini and yellow squash is easy to make, very flavorful, and a great way to use summer vegetables!