Cocktails and Other Drinks

Raspberry Bourbon Lemonade by The Weary Chef
Simple Raspberry Bourbon Lemonade
This easy raspberry bourbon lemonade cocktail tastes just like summer! It's a perfect happy hour quencher for a hot day.
Tropical Smoothie with Mango and Pineapple -
Easy Tropical Smoothie with Mango and Pineapple
What better way to enjoy frozen fruit than with a tasty tropical smoothie? This is a delicious way to squeeze in calcium, protein, vitamins, and fiber.
Nutty Root Beer Cocktail - Root beer, coconut rum, and cream make a tasty drink! | The Weary Chef
Nutty Root Beer Cocktail
This simple cocktail tastes like coconut cream soda. Delicious and easy!
Cilantro Margaritos: Somewhere between a margarita and a mojito, you will find this tasty cocktail!
Cilantro Margarita: A fresh twist on a classic cocktail!
If you like the bright, fresh taste of cilantro, you will love this Cilantro Margarita!
Watermelon Martini -
Watermelon Martini: A perfect summer cocktail!
Tasting fresh, juicy watermelon inspired me to make this watermelon cocktail. Not only is it sweet and tasty, it's nice to look at too!
Snickerdoodle Cocktail #holidaydrink
Snickerdoodle Cocktail
Sometimes recipe development doesn't go quite as planned. I had something completely different in mind for this week's cocktail, but this sweet treat was a tasty improvisation.
Ginger Lime Pimms Cocktail -
Ginger Lime Pimm's Cocktail Recipe
This Ginger Lime Pimm's Cocktail with fresh ginger is a new twist on the classic Pimm's Cup.
Raspberry Sake Cocktail by @wearychef
Friday Happy Hour: Raspberry Sake Cocktail Recipe
I typically only drink sake when I'm on a sushi date with The Pants, which rarely happens. This was the first time I bought sake to drink at home, and I wanted to make it into something a little special....
Easy Red Sangria -
Simple Red Sangria Recipe
Sangria is a fruity, refreshing drink that pleases wine and cocktail lovers alike. It couldn’t be easier to make, looks beautiful, and is perfect for making ahead for a ready-made Happy Hour treat. ...
Apple Cinnamon Sparkler Cocktail
Apple Cinnamon Sparkler Cocktail Recipe
Sometimes orphans in your liquor cabinet can come together to make something great. Bourbon mixed with two special liqueurs makes a smooth, tasty cocktail.
The Best Authentic Margaritas
The Perfect Margarita Recipe
You will not find margarita mix at The Weary Chef's house. This authentic, fresh margarita is tart, strong, and delicious.