Cocktails and Other Drinks

Mojito with Dark Rum
Easy Mojito With Dark Rum Recipe
Looking for the best Mojito? Then, this easy dark rum mojito recipe is the perfect cocktail for you! The rum cocktail is ready in 5 minutes!
Drambuie and Soda: A surprisingly tasty and easy cocktail
2-Minute Drambuie Cocktail Recipe with Soda
Find out how to prepare this fresh Drambuie cocktail with soda. This 2-minute cocktail recipe is easy to make and so sweet!
Rusty Nail Cocktail
How to Make the Rusty Nail Cocktail in 2 Minutes
Learn how to make the classic Rusty Nail cocktail with scotch and Drambuie and how to make a sweeter variation of the drink recipe.
Old Fashioned Cocktail with Mandarin Oranges
Mandarin Orange Old Fashioned Cocktail
You can't help but feel a little distinguished when you are drinking an Old Fashioned Cocktail, and this one with mandarin oranges is tops!
Caribbean Water Cocktail | The Weary Chef #midori #rum #cocktail
Caribbean Water Recipe: Midori and Coconut Rum Cocktail
Learn how to make this easy Midori and rum cocktail recipe in less than 5 minutes! The Caribbean Water cocktail has melon and coconut flavor.
bahama mama recipe
Bahama Mama Recipe (Video Tutorial for Cocktail)
This bahama mama drink is ready in 5 minutes. The bahama mama recipe is easy and makes the best cocktail for summer! Video tutorial included.
iced coffee
How to Make Iced Coffee with Video Recipe
Fill a glass with ice. Pour in coffee. Add milk and sugar and your iced coffee is ready. Video recipe for easy ice coffee with vanilla.
taro milk tea
How to Make Taro Milk Tea with Boba
Learn how to make taro milk tea with tapioca pearls and taro powder at home. Quick and easy taro bubble tea step-by-step recipe.
Mango Tango Cocktail
Mango Tango Cocktail Recipe
Learn how to prepare this Mango Tango cocktail in 5 minutes using only 5 ingredients! Combine mango nectar, orange juice, rum and triple sec!
Mango Milk Tea
Mango Milk Tea with Boba Recipe
Learn how to make this mango milk tea with easy instructions and affordable ingredients. This mango bubble tea is refreshing and sweet!
brown sugar milk tea
Learn how to make brown sugar milk tea with only 3 ingredients. This tiger milk tea with boba is the easiest bubble tea recipe.
Bursting with strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavor, this super easy sangria is just the thing to relax with!
Very Berry Sangria
Bursting with strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavor, this super easy Berry Sangria is just the thing to relax with! Very...