Rusty Nail Cocktail
How to Make the Rusty Nail Cocktail in 2 Minutes
Learn how to make the classic Rusty Nail cocktail with scotch and Drambuie and how to make a sweeter variation of the drink recipe.
slow cooker red beans and rice recipe
New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe
Learn how to cook the slow cooker red beans and rice with sausages! Follow the step-by-step New Orleans recipe and safely cook your beans!
Old Fashioned Cocktail with Mandarin Oranges
Mandarin Orange Old Fashioned Cocktail
You can't help but feel a little distinguished when you are drinking an Old Fashioned Cocktail, and this one with mandarin oranges is tops!
Mexican Spaghetti Bake with seasonings on top
10 Delicious Mexican Spaghetti Recipe Ideas
Last week I accepted a challenge from my hubby: cook 10 Mexican spaghetti recipes for dinner in a row! It was such a fun and spicy week! I won’t lie to you; my kitchen’s still suffering because of his...
Learn how to bake Italian sausages for an easy sheet pan dinner!
Baked Italian Sausages in Oven with Peppers
The Italian sausages take only 30 minutes to cook! Learn how to bake Italian sausages in the oven with this easy sheet pan recipe.
Overnight French Toast Casserole: Perfect #makeahead #breakfast!
French Toast Casserole with Cream Cheese
This Overnight French Toast Casserole is a perfect make-ahead dish for breakfast!
10 Favorite Fresh and Sweet Basil Recipe Ideas
10 Favorite Fresh and Sweet Basil Recipes
Want some sweet basil recipe ideas that are easy to make and still super elegant to serve at any gathering? These basil recipes round-up is perfect to inspire the cook in you! However don’t take my word,...
10 Insanely Good Italian Recipe Ideas
10 Insanely Good Italian Recipe Ideas
Who else enjoys Italian cuisine as much as I do? Pasta and some tomato sauce are not enough! We want traditional meatballs, rosemary risotto, Italian bruschetta, and Tuscan chicken. If your mouth watered...
10 Favorite Andouille Sausage Recipe Ideas
10 Favorite Andouille Sausage Recipes
Want some new ways of cooking andouille sausage? This round-up of Andouille Sausage Recipes has a huge variety of ways to prepare your favorite smoked pork sausage. From crock pot recipes...
10 Healthy and Baked Potato Toppings Recipe Ideas
10 Healthy Baked Potato Toppings Ideas
It everybody’s favorite side dish? Baked potato toppings! They pair wonderfully with almost every main dish and are also super versatile to top. That’s why I thought gathering 10 healthy potato topping...
10 Best Sausage Dip Recipe Ideas
10 Best Sausage Dip Recipes
No matter the occasion: brunch with friends, festive dinner, or late lunch with your loved ones, every meal should include at least one sausage dip! A tasty creamy dip is hard for almost everyone to resist!...
10 Ridiculously Simple and Delicious Ground Sausage Recipe Ideas
10 Ridiculously Simple and Delicious Ground Sausage Recipe Ideas
Do you have some ground sausage in the refrigerator and don’t know how to prepare it? Do you need some creative and delicious ways to prepare a basic type of food like sausage? You’ve come to the right...