10 Unique Gifts Under 10 Dollars Ideas

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March 8, 2023
Samuel Andoerson

Your friends and your wallet will love these fun and unique gifts for under 10 dollars!

Your friends and your wallet will love these creative gifts under $10! #gifts #shopping #giftideas

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10 Affordable Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Are you on a tight budget this holiday season? Or maybe you are looking for small appreciation gifts for everyone on your list like mail carriers, sanitation workers, dry cleaners, etc.

Just because you want to spend under $10 doesn’t mean you have to stick to candy, socks, or candles. Those ideas are all nice of course, but if you want to branch out, check out these gifts under 10 dollars that will surprise and delight anyone on your list!

(If you make a purchase through any of these links, I may earn a small commission.)

Magnetic Wristband

These wristbands are seriously handy! The photo shows them holding nails and screws, but you could also use them for sewing needles, metal beads, or other metal craft supplies. (Note, you only get one for $10, but that’s probably plenty.)

Wooden Nose Glasses Holder

I gave my husband one of these a few years ago, and he still loves and uses it every day!

Worst Case Scenario Handbook

This classic is always fun and welcome. Even if someone has one already, they can use one at home and another in the car :)

Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light

We all use toilets, right? So everyone certainly needs a color changing LED toilet light! Maybe you want to give this to a closer friend than the mailman, but it’s definitely a fun and affordable gift.

Wooden Magic Ball Puzzle

Know someone who likes a challenge? How about this wooden spherical brainteaser puzzle? Nothing says relaxation and fun like getting frustrated with a difficult puzzle, right? Your friends will thank you.

Panda Stapler

Weren’t you just saying that you wish you had a panda stapler? So were all your friends, so they will definitely want this gift!

Wooden Salad Servers

Anyone who cooks or serves food will definitely enjoy these wooden serving utensils. I have a similar set and use them all the time!

Neoprene Cup Insulator

Not only will this cute coffee cup sleeve make your friend happy, you’ll also be doing the environment a favor by reducing waste!

“Bring Me Wine” Socks

Who can resist hilarious socks? These also come in other beverage choices like beer and coffee. You could keep a few pairs on hand for the right gift for any occasion!

Scalp Massager

My friend got one of these for a gift once. She made fun of the randomness of it, but I tried it out and LOVED it! It looks really dumb but actually feels nice and relaxing. Better yet, you can get four of them for about $10, so it’s perfect for tight budgets.

Amazon Gift Card

If you don’t know which of these amazing gifts your friends would like, there’s no shame in giving them an Amazon Gift Card! Then they can pick out just what they want or add the funds to their savings for a Nintendo Switch or whatever else is on their wish list.

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