10 Best Crepe Pan To Buy in 2023

If you want to make the perfect crepe, you need a good crepe pan. Keen home cooks love to make crepes and pancakes, but a standard pan won’t cut the mustard because you can’t get the batter thin enough inside a regular frying pan. A crepe pan enables you to spread the batter thinly, and it heats evenly to create some delicious treats. Thus, before making this, make sure to have the right pan for this dish. When you do, you are good to go. You will be able to achieve perfect crepes and pancakes.

crepe with banana and chocolate toppings

Whether you cook crepes for breakfast or dinner parties, there remains something particularly refined about crepes. Classic recipes such as crepe Suzette remain famous, but without a good pan, it proves almost impossible to achieve. When you use the correct equipment, the results often prove better, especially in the kitchen, so investing in suitable cooking utensils remains essential. It is always good to invest in good quality. It provides you with great quality food. Although it always comes down to its flavor, presentation is always an asset.

What is Crepe Pan?

Pancakes are the French version, whereas crepes are flatter and typically larger than the frothy American version. They can be rolled or folded, and they can be stuffed with both savory and sweet ingredients. Although it is a bit tricky, making crepes at home with a crepe machine is simple. There are a few different types of crepe makers available, and mastering perfectly thin crepes with each of them needs a little different method. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and since you’ve selected the greatest crepe makers, your practice will be even more enjoyable.

There are two sorts of crepe makers: stovetop pans and electric standalone variants. While you could cook crepes on a decent nonstick skillet with steep sides, the low profile of a crepe pan makes it simpler to pour the mixture evenly and remove the cooked crepe from the pan. With improved heat control, electrical crepe makers provide the same advantages. Simply set one up, and it will usually alert you when it’s ready to use. They can also be used to cook eggs, tortillas, flatbreads, and dosas like a countertop or stovetop skillet.

Cook the Perfect Crepes With the Best Pan!

Learning how to make thin, delicious crepes may seem like a task for most home cooks, but with the right pan, you may master the culinary treat quickly. A good quality crepe pan heats evenly, and a non-stick coating helps to release the crepe from the pan quickly and without the use of excess oil.

The 2 Piece Non-Stick Crepe Pan Set from Patelai Store provides the option for various-sized crepes with a pan set that offers excellent value for money. However, a Crepe Maker Machine from G & M Kitchen Essentials may prove easier to use for those less experienced with the art of crepe making.

Find Out More About Crepes!

Crepes date back to 13th-century Brittany, France. Traditional crepes are derived from buckwheat and come filled with all manner of savory fillings. Due to a shortage of milk during the Middle Ages, crepe makers used wine to make their batter!

The name derives from the old French “crespe”, which traces back to the Latin word “crispa.” It refers to the lightly ruffled edges of the crepe, which attains a slightly crispy texture.

These days we enjoy a host of delicious fillings, including soft fruit, chocolate, and ice cream! Consequently, the crepe proves a highly versatile food because you may make sweet or savory versions.

How to Make the Perfect Crepe? (Easy Recipe)

You may find many different recipes for crepes. However, the classic recipe proves easy to make, and as long as you use a spreader to spread your batter thinly and evenly across your pan, you may enjoy a delicious treat.

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crepe pan

10 Best Crepe Pan Recipes in 2023

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  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1/2 cup of milk;
  • 1/2 cup of water;
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt;
  • 2 tablespoons of butter, melted.


  1. Combine the flour and eggs together in a large bowl by mixing vigorously. Gradually add in the milk and the water, stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Finally, add the salt and the melted butter until you achieve a smooth, silky batter.
  2. Lightly oil a crepe pan and place it over medium heat. Pour 1/4 cup of batter into the and tilt the pan to start spreading the mixture across its surface. Use a crepe spreader to spread the mixture as thinly as possible across the surface.
  3. Cook one side for around 2 minutes until it browns before flipping it over with a wooden spatula. Fill your crepe with your favorite toppings and enjoy them hot and fresh from the crepe pan.

Nutrition Information of Crepe Recipe

Per serving:

Calories62 kcalCarbohydrates8.9 g
Protein2.6 gFat1.6 g
Saturated Fat0.8 gMono Fat0.5 g
Iron0.6 mgSodium70 mg
Cholesterol35 mgFiber0.3 g
Calcium29 mgCalcium29 mg

What Are the Best Crepe Feelings?

A crepe proves a versatile delight because you may use sweet or savory fillings. A crepe makes a fantastic starter for a dinner party when you fill it with cream cheese and avocado. A chicken supreme mixture makes an indulgent offering while sautéed mushrooms provide a delicate yet tasty alternative.

Sweet fillings include fruit compote, peaches and cream, macerated strawberries, and ice cream. Why not dribble melted chocolate over your crepes for an indulgent offering?

Let your imagination run loose because you may produce stunning dishes with the humble crepe. However, make sure you use an excellent crepe pan, or you may throw your batter at the wall!

Why Make This Recipe?

  • Can endure intense heat
  • Versatile
  • Reliable crepes
  • Beneficial for big families
  • Portable pan
  • Crepes cook quickly
  • Rubber feet ensure stability while in use.
  • Non-slipping handle
  • Simple to clean

Features of Crepe Pan

A pan with a flat bottom or a circular form for making thin crepes, pancakes, fish, omelets, etc. Individual crepe pans typically have short sides and a diameter of 8 to 10 inches. Following are some additional crucial crepe pan characteristics:

Crepes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, but they all have some common qualities. The most popular crepe pan form is circular, with a rounded upward surface that allows the batter to be poured into it once it is heated. The crepe can be made in a thin layer that covers the pan as it cooks and warms to the pan’s rounded bottom surface.

The crepe pan has a non-stick surface and is well seasoned It makes your food juicy and oil-free, Because of this, the pan is strong enough to be durable. So, the crepe is easy to alter temperature extremes because of its substantial base and thick sides. The base of the pan obtains an equal heating distribution. The temperature change should be precise since the pan should have been preheated before the cold batter is added to it.

Small Side of Pan

The small sides of all crepe pans make it possible to flip the crepe with ease and cook it to a bright brown color with a juicy and soft feel. For long endurance and skilled use, each features a tricky surface that is solid, non-porous, and highly wear-resistant.

Its handle is made of a long, cool material that stays cool on the stovetop, allowing you to cook more pleasantly. A square crepe pan is an option if the traditional design is not important to you, but all other features may be different. The hard-anodized structure offers rapid and even heating for flawless results right away.


Crepe pans are flexible or can be used in a variety of culinary situations. The non-stick pans assist prevent food from sticking or burning and are simple to clean. You may bake cookies or brownies on your crepe pan in addition to making crepes, pancakes, French omelets, homemade pizza, Mexican tacos, and sunny side-ups. With a spatula or wooden spoon, you may more easily reach the shallow edge of the pans to turn the food. the non-stick pans are lightweight, and handling them is simple.


Using the proper crepe pan has several advantages and benefits. Cast-iron pans are good for simpler crepe recipes; typically, pans are constructed of steel or aluminum. Compared to standard or non-stick pans, they can pre-heat more quickly and evenly. This makes cooking safer than other cooking techniques. The following are some advantages of utilizing a crepe pan:

Lightweight and Convenient

It’s simple to prepare a crepe with several techniques and fillings. But the truth is that cooking a crepe is simple, so you might want to bring them along for any trip, activity, or get-together with family or friends. if you have a crepe maker then you make these pancakes easily which are juicy and moist. Despite the numerous versions that are heavy, you can prepare crepes for brunch, breakfast, parties, holidays, and dessert with a lightweight alternative. One of the reasons crepes are so well-liked all across the world is due to their lightness and portability.

Ease of Cleaning

Due to their non-stick coating, several crepe pan designs on the market promise ease of cleaning. But it releases food slowly and is simple to clean without consuming more time.

Defined edges

Every crepe has well-defined edges, allowing the operator to pour the mixture without fear. Electric makers with fuzzy edges, in contrast, hand, might cause a mess. This maker is best for the starter who cooks them for the very first time.


Crepe pans are a more affordable alternative to crepe machines or electric makers. Even so, you’ll be able to make pancake meals and save a tonne of money.

Easy Flipping

The smooth sides and small edges of a crepe pan make it possible to flip a crepe without ruining the recipe.


A non-stick crepe pan can be used to make tortillas, injera, blintzes, pitas, flatbread, and dosas.

10 Best Crepe Pans to Buy

Our offerings come with a host of positive customer feedback because the end-user remains the most vital source of information.

We present a list of pans suitable for use on a stove and some stand-alone electric alternatives. The stove pan remains one of the most traditional methods of making crepes, but an electric crepe maker may prove easier for inexperienced cooks.

1. 2 Piece Non-Stick Pan Set

[amazon fields=”B08DRHHVPZ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B08DRHHVPZ” value=”button”]

The 2 Piece Non-Stick Crepe Pan Set from Patelai Store comprises a traditional pan set for making the perfect crepes. The set consists of an 8-inch and an 11-inch pan with a crepe spreader and a wooden spatula.

The non-stick coating relieves the stress of sticky pancakes, while the robust aluminum alloy construction ensures the set lasts the test of time. The base derives from stainless steel for even heat distribution, and the pans feature durable Bakelite handles.

Before you use the pans for the first time, the manufacturer recommends using them to boil water for five to six minutes. The set is suitable for gas, electric, and induction hobs.

2. 6 Inch Mini Pan with Spreader

[amazon fields=”B07SDGMS2W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B07SDGMS2W” value=”button”]

The 6 Inch Mini Crepe Pan with Spreader from CHEFMADE arrives in a handy size suitable for smaller families and dinner parties. Plus, the superb quality, commercial-grade pan uses a thickened 1.8mm carbon steel body for even heat distribution. Moreover, the construction makes the pan scratch-resistant and durable.

A traditional bamboo spreader comes included with the pan for spreading the crepe batter thinly. The excellent non-stick nature of the carbon steel body means you use less oil when creating your culinary treats. So, the crepes release from the pan is easier, and you may safely place the item in the dishwasher.

The pan uses a robust silicone handle and is ideal for gas, electric, and induction hobs.

3. Non-Stick PFOA Free MarbleTech Pan

[amazon fields=”B08SCPGL74″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B08SCPGL74″ value=”button”]

The Non-Stick PFOA Free MarbleTech Pan from Moonwood constitutes a 10.23-inch flat crepe pan suitable for gas, electric, and halogen hobs. The 1.8mm thick carbon steel body heats up quickly and evenly, while the superb non-stick MarbleTech Granite coating ensures food easily releases from the pan without the need for excess oil.

A wooden spreader helps you create perfectly thin crepes, and the pan proves dishwasher safe. And the ant slip silicone handle makes the pan easy and safe to use.

The non-stick Granite coating remains PTFE and PFOA free, and the wooden paddle supplied ensures you can remove food items without damaging the surface of the pan.

4. Toughened Non-Stick Pro Pan

[amazon fields=”B087S9SG2L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B087S9SG2L” value=”button”]

The Toughened Non-Stick Pro Crepe Pan from Le Creuset consists of an 11-inch triple-reinforced pan with a PFOA-free surface that proves 4 times stronger than many other non-stick surfaces.

A thick, robust construction ensures even heat distribution, and the textured interior ensures the crepes are brown and released efficiently. And a stay-cool ergonomic handle allows for safe use.

The pan proves suitable for use with all hob types, and you may place it in the dishwasher. A supplied batter spreader enables you to make super-thin crepes.

While the pan sits at the top end of the price range, Le Creuset remains a well-known and trusted brand famous for creating superb quality cookware.

5. Classic Non-Stick Pan

[amazon fields=”B000ND3G00″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B000ND3G00″ value=”button”]

The Classic Non-Stick Crepe Pan from Cuisinart features a hard-anodized 10-inch classic pan that has a Quantanium, patented non-stick interior reinforced with titanium.

The non-stick interior ensures crepes release quickly and requires very little oil to use. The solid steel riveted handles stay cool as you cook and provide a safe, solid grip. You can use the pan with gas and electric hobs but not on induction units.

Cuisinart remains a famous brand for creating good quality cookware. However, the pan doesn’t come with a spreader, and you may need to purchase a crepe spreader kit separately.

6. Non-Stick Pan

[amazon fields=”B08RMXBJNQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B08RMXBJNQ” value=”button”]

The Non-Stick Crepe Pan from SENSARTE features a die-cast aluminum pan that measures a generous 10 inches. It uses a Swiss non-stick coating that proves PFOA-free and SGS approved. So, you need very little oil when cooking.

The pan proves suitable for all types of stoves, including induction hobs. The die-cast construction ensures durability and even heat distribution.

You may use the pan for crepes, pancakes, hoecakes, tortillas, and the 1/2-inch-high sides to make flipping crepes and pancakes easier. You may also place the pan in a hot oven for versatile cooking.

Please use a sponge and warm soapy water to clean the pan and protect the non-stick surface.

7. Crepe Maker Machine

[amazon fields=”B07GSFVVDB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B07GSFVVDB” value=”button”]

The Crepe Maker Machine from G & M Kitchen Essentials comprises a 12-inch, compact electric unit designed to make perfect crepes and pancakes. The non-stick, aluminum surface releases the items quickly and helps you create food with precision and accuracy.

Built-in temperature control includes an indicator light that tells you when the pan reaches the perfect temperature. The device comes with a crepe spreader and a wooden spatula and doubles up as a pancake maker and griddle.

The pan arrives with a free recipe book that features 100 recipes for your machine as a bonus. Plus, the precise, safe control of the unit means that most family members may use it. Cleaning the pan proves easy with a damp cloth.

8. Non-Stick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker

[amazon fields=”B0179IU3XE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B0179IU3XE” value=”button”]

The Non-Stick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker from NutriChef features a powerful electric crepe maker that remains compact and convenient to use. An adjustable rotary dial controls the temperature for even heat distribution across the robust surface. A LED light indicator lets you know when the unit reaches the correct temperature.

The device includes a crepe spreader and a wooden spatula, and the superb non-stick surface ensures the food is released efficiently. The pan doubles up as a griddle and proves perfect for preparing various recipes and food items.

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the pan to keep it in optimum condition.

9. No Edge Crepe Maker

[amazon fields=”B017I5K26G” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B017I5K26G” value=”button”]

The No Edge Crepe Maker from Health and Home constitutes an electric crepe pan with a traditional twist. Crepe pans of old didn’t have an edge to them, and this unit replicates the conventional design to perfection.

The powerful heating element heats the pan quickly and evenly. Furthermore, the large 13-inch non-stick surface enables you to cook larger crepes and pancakes. A temperature control knob provides complete heat control, so you don’t burn your delicious creations.

A red and green indicator light informs you when the device reaches temperature, and the supplied batter spreader helps you achieve the perfect thin crepe every time.

10. Cordless Crepe Maker

[amazon fields=”B078TPVKF1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

[amazon fields=”B078TPVKF1″ value=”button”]

The Cordless Crepe Maker from MasterChef offers the ultimate control with a pan that detaches from the heating element. The base plugs into a standard socket, and a light indicates when the surface heats to the correct temperature.

The large surface measures 15 inches and features a robust non-stick surface to remove cooked items easily.

The removable pan allows for greater control when making thin crepes to prevent overcooking. And the crepe spreader included helps spread the batter thinly and evenly.

What’s the Best Crepe Pan for You?

crepe pan

Picture this, if you will. A thin, delicate crepe with slightly crispy edges breaks apart in your mouth to release a delectable filling of fresh strawberries, cream, and melted chocolate. It sounds so good, and yet, with the correct pans, you may produce perfect crepes to delight friends and family.

The classic crepe never falls out of fashion. Consequently, the Toughened Non-Stick Pro Crepe Pan from Le Creuset may hit your wallet, but it produces divine results.

However, the Non-Stick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker from NutriChef allows you to make crepes easily. Furthermore, it doubles up as a versatile griddle to add more value to your purchase.

When you have the correct equipment, it makes your job easier. That remains particularly true in the kitchen. A good quality crepe pan or crepe-making machine may help elevate your cooking to a new level of deliciousness, and your family and friends may thank you.

Do you have a favorite crepe recipe or filling? Why not comment in the space below to share your delicious treats with us?


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