10 Healthy Baked Potato Toppings Ideas

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January 19, 2023

It everybody’s favorite side dish? Baked potato toppings! They pair wonderfully with almost every main dish and are also super versatile to top. That’s why I thought gathering 10 healthy potato topping recipes and bringing them to you would be a great idea.

One more benefit of consuming baked potatoes at home is that they are good for our health. Believe it or not, baked potatoes can help manage your weight with the right topping. The fiber in baked potatoes aids with digestion, and vitamin B6 helps break down carbohydrates and improves metabolism. So, this winning combination can be great for a weight loss diet and basic weight management. 

1. Potato Skins

These crispy and cheesy potato skins are baked, then topped with your favorite ingredients. I like to add cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, and chopped green onions or scallops. You can prepare this easy appetizer recipe for your next party or family gathering! It’s ready in no time and without any fuss!

2. BLT Baked Potatoes

The buttermilk baked potatoes are also a super addition to any appetizer plate, considering they are delicious, even served cold. Here, you can be creative, too, and spice things a little, adding new ingredients (bacon bites, any cheese you love, chili flakes, and so on).

3. Twice-Baked Potatoes

These twice-baked potatoes make a wonderful side dish for any meal and are amazingly delicious when heated up for lunch. I’m sure you have already cooked these potatoes at least once, as this is one popular recipe for side dishes. However, don’t forget that when cooking, there’s no “mainstream.” Prepare whatever you love, get creative, and don’t mind the rules!

4. Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Potatoes

Now, we’re talking! Can you imagine: baked potatoes tasting like pepperoni pizza? Just delicious! Not to mention this recipe is also very easy to prepare. However, don’t take my word for it; go and try it yourself. But please don’t forget to let us all know how that went in the comment section below!

5. Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon and Greek Yogurt

Next, you’ll learn some less basic baked potato toppings with a few more difficult instructions and fancier ingredients. I want to be clear: I don’t say they taste better than the good old double-baked potato or any other simple recipe from above! I admit that they are more time-consuming, and a trip to the local grocery store is more likely essential. 

Take these baked potatoes with salmon and yogurt, for example! They look like a five-star restaurant dish!

6. Tuna, Lime and Coriander Jacket Baked Potato

Our next fancy baked potato toppings require tuna, lime, and some fresh coriander. I won’t lie to you: I tried this recipe sometime during the past few days and it is extremely delicious! Not to mention it is one of the few baked potato toppings I tried and it is fresh. Also, the lime and coriander give it a certain flavor that will stick with you!

7. Smoked Mackerel Jacket

Delicious and nutritious, smoked mackerel comes ready to eat, with only the minimum of cooking required (if desired). It’s a common misconception that smoked mackerel is raw when, actually, it has been cooked by the smoke. In addition, that process gives it a special flavor that perfectly pairs with the jacket potatoes! In just 25 mins, you can prepare a full of protein, vitamins, carbs, and essential omega-3s dinner for your family.

8. Antony Worrall Thompson’s Cottage Pies in Baked Potatoes

Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson created this cottage pies-in-baked potatoes recipe. However, don’t worry! The chef made the recipe so that almost anyone could prepare it. The instructions are easy to follow, and the stuffed potatoes look delightful. 

This is such a fancy way to serve up a cottage pie and gives each guest an individual serving- that’s something we all love. In addition, this recipe gives you such a great way to use extra meat sauce if you have made it for pasta or lasagne.

9. Chili Baked Potato with Cheese

This potato is filled with spicy chili sauce and then topped with a drizzle of cheddar cheese. Finally, after baking these chili potatoes, top them with freshly chopped green onions for some extra flavor. The recipe is perfect for those nights when you crave something hearty but want to avoid something greasy.

In addition, this potato topping is also a super addition to the appetizer dish for any occasion. The thing you always want from your appetizer is to be easy to eat, and these chili-baked potatoes surely are!

10. Minced Beef and Cheddar Baked Potato

This mouth-watering baked potato will become a new family favorite side or main dish. It’s packed with minced beef in a sweet tomato sauce and topped with grated Cheddar cheese for a buttery final touch. With a spicy and sweet tomato and beef filling, this tasty treat is ideal for those cold winter evenings when you’re in the mood for a warming dinner by the fire with your hubby.

What’s Your Favorite Topping for Baked Potato Recipe?

All in all, this was the round-up of my 10 favorite potato topping recipes. I’d love to know if you’ve ever prepared any of them and how that went. Share below what other ingredients you add to these recipes and what techniques you usually use.


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