Healthy Shrimp Etouffee: Big on flavor and low in fat!

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January 31, 2023
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Would you believe this flavorful Healthy Shrimp Etouffee only uses about a tablespoon of oil and uses environmentally-friendly ingredients? Find out how!

Healthy Shrimp Etouffee

I am one lucky cook because I recently had a chance to try a Pacific Foods kit full of healthy ingredients packaged in Tetra Pak cartons. The kit included organic pumpkin puree, chicken broth, and cranberry sauce. Did you know you could get so many of your favorite holiday ingredients in cartons instead of cans?

I was a bit giddy when I saw that organic cranberry sauce because I love good ol’ jellied cranberry sauce. I grew up eating the kind from the can, but I recently took a look at the label. There seems to be a lot more corn syrup than cranberry going on there! I didn’t want to eat corn syrup sauce, but I wanted that smooth texture I love. This organic jellied cranberry sauce is perfect, and I can’t wait to eat it at Thanksgiving! With the cranberry sauce put away for safe keeping, I was left to wonder what kind of recipe I could make with a carton of pumpkin and 8 oz. of chicken broth.

When we go visit my in-laws, my mother-in-law often has shrimp etouffe waiting for us, especially around the holidays. I love this classic Cajun dish, but I wondered if I could make a healthier version. Yes indeedy! This healthy shrimp etouffe is just as good as the original if you ask me, and you would never guess that it’s loaded with extra vitamins from the addition of pumpkin.

Before I get to the recipe, let me tell you more about these cartons. Actually, let this awesome graphic tell you about them:

 photo 1898ca76-3272-4baf-a8df-07abf60e15e3_zps1bf425e9.jpg

I used to think cans were a better choice since they can go in regular recycling, but now I know that I was wrong! The ingredients taste better from a carton too since they don’t have that metallic flavor. I’ll be looking for cartons when I do my grocery shopping from now on.

You will love this healthy shrimp etouffee recipe, and you’ll never believe it’s so low in fat! Hide the carton of pumpkin from naysayers like children and husbands, and no one will know your secret ingredient!

Healthy Shrimp Etouffee

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Healthy Shrimp Etouffee

Healthy Shrimp Etouffee: Big on flavor and low in fat!

This shrimp etouffee is low in fat but full in flavor!

  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x





  1. Melt butter in a 12″ skillet or dutch oven over medium heat. Stir in olive oil and flour. Keep stirring and cooking until you create a medium brown roux. Since this is a small amount of roux, it will brown quickly in about 5 minutes.
  2. Add the onion, celery, and bell pepper, and stir to coat with the roux. Saute vegetables until onion is tender, approximately 5 minutes. Add garlic, and saute one minutes longer.
  3. Add chicken broth a little at a time, stirring constantly to keep the mixture smooth. Add Cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper. Bring to a simmer, and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Stir in tomatoes and pumpkin. Return to a simmer. Cook for at least 10 minutes longer to allow flavors to blend well. (At this point, you could store the mixture in your refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to serve it. Just heat it to a simmer again before going to step 5.)
  5. Stir in shrimp and green onions, and return to a simmer. Cook just until shrimp are opaque and pink. This will only take a few minutes, but it’s hard to say exactly how long since the size of shrimp varies. Watch and stir during this step so you don’t overcook your shrimp!
  6. Serve over cooked rice and enjoy!


  • Author: Andi
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 35

Thank you again to Carton Smart for sponsoring this post.

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Andi Gleeson


Catherine Hanrahan
4 years ago

I’ve made this recipe several times, and my husband and I really love it! The pumpkin is such a genius way to cut down on the fat, and there is no compromise on flavor, it’s wonderful!! I’m making it for company again tonight! I plan to add a little chicken and andouille sausage. Nine kinds of yum!!

6 years ago

Hi! Is there nutritional info on this recipe? I know it says it is low in fat, but do you know the calorie count as well?

7 years ago

Hi. If I make a double batch of this the day before I want to serve it, will it thicken, and need to be thinned with more broth? It is for 8 people and I will also serve a salad. It sounds amazing. Thanks

Andi Gleeson
7 years ago

Hi, Kathleen! Are you planning to cook it through step 4 and then heat it and cook the shrimp before serving? The consistency should be fine, but you can add a splash of chicken broth to thin it a bit if needed.

9 years ago

This was absolutely delicious!!!!! I will be making this again!
I think it would be good with almost any protein! I used shrimp and it was awesome. So excited for leftovers.

Thanks for the recipe

9 years ago

Thank you so much, Hillary!

9 years ago

This looks fantastic! Is there enough salt in the cajun seasoning and broth perhaps that you don’t need to add any during cooking?

9 years ago

Hi, Leslie. Yes, the Cajun seasoning measures like salt, and the chicken broth is salty too. You can add salt to taste at the end if you think it needs more. Thank yu!

10 years ago

Love it! From Louisiana and never have heard to add pumpkin. Will help cut down on the fat. Thanks.

10 years ago

I’m glad you approve since I’m messing with a classic here! It didn’t taste like pumpkin, but I liked thickening it up and adding extra vitamins while cutting down on the fat. Thanks so much for your visit, Jeanne!

10 years ago

This looks wonderful…. I can’t wait to try it!

10 years ago

Thanks, JoAnne! I hope you like it :)

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