Orange Creamsicle Float: Make it a cocktail or a kid-friendly treat!

Orange Creamsicle Float - Make it as a cocktail or a kid-friendly treat!

I have been intending to make this cocktail for a while, so I’m happy to finally bring you the Spiked Creamsicle Float. Of course, it is just as easy to make this sans vodka for kids or anyone who wants an un-spiked version. Just don’t mix up the glasses because you can hardly taste the difference!

I love creamsicles, which is actually surprising because I’m not usually a big fan of citrus desserts. I also tend to think vanilla is a bit boring, but maybe combining two meh (in my book) dessert flavors adds up to yum. Whatever the reason, I love tart orange flavor sneaking into my creamy vanilla ice cream. The tastes come together perfectly in this dessert cocktail!

Orange Creamsicle Float - Make it as a cocktail or a kid-friendly treat!

Orange Creamsicle Float
Prep time
Total time
You will love this sweet treat with or without the vodka!
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 2
  • 10 oz. bottle of Orange soda, chilled (I used Fanta)
  • 3 oz. vanilla vodka, divided
  • 1 c. vanilla ice cream, divided
  1. Pour the soda evenly between two 12-oz. glasses. Add 1½ oz. vodka to each glass.
  2. Drop a large scoop of ice cream into each glass (approximately ½ c. each). Serve with a straw for stirring and sipping. Cheers!


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  1. liking the umbrella–nice touch :-) Entertained tonight and served up a candy corn cocktail made with DIY candy corn vodka. So. No room in me for a creamsicle float. Reminds me of the push-up treats we enjoyed as kids. What fun it would be to have spiked ice cream treats for adults!

    • Hi, Liz! I still haven’t gotten my first candy corn of the year, but I need to make that a priority for tomorrow! I love it that you are so into the candy infused vodka. You were on a spiked popsicle kick for a while, weren’t you? Maybe you could make a grownup pushup!

  2. Hi Andi – I love this -looks refreshing – I would do the adult one! Pinned

    • I DID do the adult one, but they could be dangerous since you can’t even taste the vodka! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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