10 Delicious Chorizo Quick Recipe Ideas

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January 31, 2023

Chorizo is a type of pork-cured meat originating from the Iberian Peninsula. In Europe, it is a fermented, cured, smoked meat, which may be sliced and eaten without cooking, or added as an ingredient to add flavor to other dishes. On the other hand, in other regions, some sausages sold as chorizo may not be fermented and cured, and require cooking before eating. So, please consider your region before eating your chorizo.

In general, Iberian chorizo is eaten sliced in a sandwich, grilled, fried, or simmered in liquid, including apple cider or other strong alcoholic beverages such as aguardiente (a generic term for Iberian alcoholic beverages that contain up to 60% abv). In addition, it is also used as a partial replacement for ground (minced) beef or pork.

So many possibilities!

Therefore, let’s see how we can use it in order to prepare delicious recipes in little time for busy weeknights!

1. Veggie and Chorizo Quesadillas

These full-of-flavor quesadillas are perfect for any friends’ gatherings at home or at the office. I prepared them for a small office party where we all could bring some of our favorite dishes. I brought these quesadillas especially because of the ease of eating them. No mess, no sticky fingers – just perfect!

2. Smoked Gouda-Chorizo Jalapeno Poppers

If you love a little spice mixed with smokey, gooey, soft cheese and one of the best-tasting sausages we know, you’re going to want to give this jalapeno poppers recipe a try! They’re easy to make and also quick and easy to make ahead. The smoky chorizo is unlike any sausage you’ve ever had! When it comes to leftovers – when there are any – they reheat very easily, too. Just be sure to bring them to room temperature before reheating.

3. Shrimp and Chorizo Stew

It’s a super easy meal with an impressive look, especially considering that it comes together from pantry ingredients. Enjoy this al fresco dish with a glass of light white wine and some simple pasta or risotto! Also, keep in mind that this quick and easy dinner originates from Spain, mixing earthy fennel seeds, juicy tomatoes, and our favorite sausage in the delicious broth.

4. Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo

One super quick and easy recipe with this Spanish sausage- scrambled eggs! Try to resist this simple breakfast, which is packed with nutrients to keep you going through a full exhausting workday! Even though I like to keep this dish as simple as that, you can always add some extra veggies, another type of cheese, or even bacon or other meat. Just follow your taste and enjoy your breakfast!

5. Queso Fundido

If you are into Mexican steakhouses, you surely tried at least once this cheesy queso fundido! The recipes aren’t that different from one region to another. However, the most common recipe is the one using fried chorizo, but you can also try ones with roasted poblano strips or sliced mushrooms. Moreover, there is another version that mixes chorizo with a mix of tomato, onion, and pepper.

6. Puff Pastry-Wrapped Chorizo

Use spicy chorizo for this incredibly delicious appetizer recipe. I also love to prepare them for a movie night with bae! We are big fans of spicy food and puff pastry! So, this combination makes a great snack for us. Pair it with a cheese sauce or go wild and bring your hot sauce!

7. Chorizo-Potato Breakfast Burritos

These breakfast burritos are full of our favorite pastry ingredients: sausage, potato, egg, avocado, and fresh veggies. All of them are warped in a nice tortilla for easy serving! I love to make two of them when I’m in a rush for work. I eat one on the road, while the other one I can enjoy in peace when I arrive.

8. Chorizo Burgers

For any bigger lover that is keen to try something new, you should give a chance to these cheeseburgers! Mixing cheese, egg, fried bacon, lettuce, and all your favorite sauces with chorizo will transform your whole experience. Believe me!

9. Chorizo and Egg Tostadas

Another fresh, still super hearty, and full of nutrients recipe with chorizo! These egg tostadas are perfect for any late breakfast, or, as my friends call them, “brunches”! A tostada is simply a hardened tortilla usually fried. Also, this recipe is a traditional Mexican one, that is so full of flavors!

10. Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas

Homemade chicken and chorizo Enchiladas made from scratch are so hearty and tasty! Not to mention that this recipe makes them from scratch, with no bought mixture, no colorants, no additives, just healthy and cheesy enchiladas with spinach!

What Is Your Favorite Chorizo Recipe?

This being said, it is time for you to share your thoughts about these 10 Chorizo recipe ideas. What do you think about them? Did you find them as simple as I did? Also, do you generally enjoy the taste of Chorizo? Tell me everything in the comment section below. I expect you to tell me your sincere opinion in the comment section below. Also, I need you to add whatever recipe including Chorizo that you’ve ever tasted and found tasty. I don’t have much experience cooking this kind of sausage, so I need your help, too.

Furthermore, don’t forget that your input on everything I write about is extremely valuable. It really helps me know what you think and how you would improve my recipes, ideas, and advice. So, keep on asking any questions in the comments section. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible!

Last but not least, I know that inspiration is something we all need sometimes in the kitchen. So, Here are three more round-ups I found really helpful.


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