10 Quick and Easy Breakfast Sausage Recipe Ideas

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January 12, 2023

Even though they are perfect for a hearty breakfast, these sausage recipe ideas are so quick and simple that you were gonna prepare them for lunch and dinner, too! From patties, sandwiches, and muffins, to a hash, meatballs, and roll-ups, these sausage breakfast recipes are going to please any taste. They are super delicious and full of proteins, so you just can’t resist them!

However, don’t take my word, just go and try them yourself, then tell me in the comment section how that went. Waiting for your thoughts loves!

1. Breakfast Sausage Patties

After learning how to make a simple patty from sausage, you can prepare so many breakfast recipes using it! Patties are not only for burgers, you know… I use them in sandwiches, pancake sandwiches, breakfast sliders, and so on. My little boy just uses two of them with a cheese slice between and calls that a sandwich… He got that from his father! He must!

2. Sausage French Toast Roll Ups

This sweet and sour way to begin your day is surely something for me, but not for hubby! As much as I love the combination of sweet and salty, my husband can’t stand it. It has a saying: “sweet should be only you and the dessert!”. How can you not love him? However, loving him doesn’t mean agreeing with him! Cinnamon french toast roll-ups filled with greasy hearty sausages are such a treat for me!

3. Mini Sausage & Cheese Breakfast Biscuit Sandwiches

These mini biscuit sandwiches are so cute and small! You almost can’t believe they have enough protein and nutrients to keep you going the whole day! But the mix between ground meat, eggs, and cheese is the key to a generic day! However, don’t believe me, go and try them yourself, then tell me how was your day!

4. Sausage Balls Recipe

These sausage balls are perfect for breakfast and, to be honest, for any other meal. They are easy to serve on the go, too. Moreover, they are full of cheese, hearty sausage meat, and green onion. You can also add whatever veggie you love, however, keep in mind to finely chop them.

5. Sausage Muffins with Cheese

These sausage muffins with melty cheese are the perfect addition to launch boxes for the little monsters, too! They are super quick to make and also easy to serve on the road, at school or work, and even when you’re driving (believe me, I’ve tried).

6. Sausage-Cheese Pancake Sandwiches

Who else loves a dozen of fluffy pancakes in the morning? I know my kids do! However, pancakes and maple syrup is not enough to keep them full of energy till lunch. So, a little sausage patty, some scrambled eggs, and cheese between two of those pancakes is the answer!

7. Sausage Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sliders

When it comes to sliders, you already know I’m such a fan! It’s something about their shape that makes me melt like cheddar cheese… Oh, and the sausage and egg combo! That’s surely something to die for!

8. Grilled Smoked Sausage Breakfast Egg Scramble

These hearty sausage breakfast recipes are killing me! I just can’t wait to be morning again and prepare one of these. The grilled smoked sausage with scrambled eggs and some fried potatoes here and there dish is such a complete meal. My hubby always craves one of these when it’s dinner time, too!

9. Maple Glazed Breakfast Sausage Recipe

We have here one super American way to start your morning! The maple glaze pairs wonderfully with the heartiness of the sausage. Also, the sugars and protein from the sausage give you the right amount of energy to start your day.

10. Sausage and Potatoes Breakfast Hash

One of my favorite ways to serve sausage in general is paired with a huge bowl of oven-baked potatoes covered with some fresh parsley. But why won’t we combine the two of them and make a delicious one-pot sausage and potato hash? This is a hearty and full of protein and nutrients way to start your day. Not to mention super delicious!

What’s Your Favorite Breakfast Sausage Recipe?

All in all, these were 10 of my favorite sausage recipes I love to serve for breakfast any day of the week. Cooking with sausage is so versatile that you can impress your loved ones weeks in a row and still don’t run out of ideas. That’s what I love about sausages; especially when it’s time for preparing breakfast. Why?

Studies have shown that the backbone of our willpower, is most active when we wake up; meaning that creative activity is highest during and immediately after sleep. Therefore, I love cooking in creative ways and inventing new ways of preparing breakfast early in the morning. That’s why my dinners are almost always kind of boring and flat.

However, now it’s time for you to share your experience with these 10 sausage breakfast recipe ideas. Tell me in the comment section below what’s your favorite one and why. In addition, don’t hesitate to add any new recipe with sausage you find interesting enough. I’m super excited to find out what you prefer to cook in the morning!


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