10 Easy and Quick Prep Dinner Recipes

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August 5, 2022
Andi Gleeson

These quick-prep dinner recipes only need a few ingredients and minimal prep or active cooking to get a great dinner on the table!

These quick-prep dinner recipes only need a few ingredients and minimal prep or active cooking to get a great dinner on the table!

Why I Need Quick Prep Dinner Recipes?

You know I always love quick dinner recipes, but this week I had cause to need really quick dinners. You see, Saturday night, after a long day of walking and standing, one of my feet was pretty sore. That was a little strange since I hadn’t done anything to hurt it, but I didn’t think much of it. When I woke up Sunday morning, I could hardly walk on it! I hobbled around and tried to mostly rest. I even hobbled to urgent care to get it checked out, and they said it was a muscle strain.

Sunday night, I couldn’t sleep because the pain was so bad. I got up to get some ibuprofen, and I couldn’t take a step! I tried to hobble my way to the kitchen but realized after a few steps that it was impossible. I woke Matt up to go get me medicine and told him he’d have to get up early in the morning to get me crutches just so I could get around. At that point, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about what the heck was wrong with me!

When Matt got me the crutches, I of course was up and around immediately. I have too much to do to sit around with my feet up! After all, it was only my foot, not my hands. I could still get the kids’ breakfast and lunches ready, straighten up, and fold laundry, right? Not exactly. Here’s the thing about crutches: They use your hands.

The task of getting bread, peanut butter, and jelly out of the cabinet and onto the counter was suddenly a serious challenge. I wanted to get a slow cooker recipe started, but carrying the slow cooker from the closet to the kitchen was impossible. Suddenly, every little step was difficult, and I tried to think of the simplest possible meals I could make until I got better.

I went to the podiatrist that afternoon, and he figured out right away what was wrong with me. Are you ready for this? It was gout. GOUT! I’m a 37-year-old lady! What the heck? I don’t even know why I’m telling you about it because it’s kind of embarrassing, but I think I’m so giddy that I’m better that I don’t care about my pride. The doctor gave me medicine that is made by magic elves as far as I’m concerned because I was back to hobbling again within a half-hour of taking it and then walking practically normally by the next morning. I am so grateful to be off those crutches and out of pain!

10 Easy-to-Make and Quick Prep Dinner Recipes

We all have reasons we need quick-prep dinner recipes sometimes. Even when we have injuries, illnesses, or just busy schedules, we still need to eat. On those days, you can have a delicious, homemade dinner like one of these!

Chicken and Stars Soup

Homemade Chicken and Stars Soup

Fast Fish Tacos – Recipe Girl

Fast Fish Tacos | Recipe Girl

Slow Cooker Cranberry Chicken – Yummy Healthy Easy

Slow Cooker Cranberry Chicken | Yummy Healthy Easy

No-Brainer Taco Macaroni

This simple recipe is just right when you need a VERY easy family-friendly dinner!

Hawaiian Haystacks – Yummy Healthy Easy

Hawaiian Haystacks | Yummy Healthy Easy

Quick Gnocchi in Creamy Tomato Sauce

Quick Gnocchi in Easy Tomato Cream Sauce featuring Rondelé Cheese #sponsored

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans and Rice with Pork

Slow Cooker Mexican Beans and Rice with Pork - A very easy, hearty meal!

Dr. Pepper Roast – Normal Cooking

Dr. Pepper Roast | Normal Cooking

White Bean Pesto Soup – Lemon Tree Dwelling

White Bean Pesto Soup | Lemon Tree Dwelling

Spicy Chicken Sliders

Spicy Chicken Sliders are a super quick dinner for busy nights!

Andi Gleeson


9 years ago

Thank you Andi for all the nice recipes.

9 years ago

Glad you like them, Liz. Thank you!

9 years ago

I too had it and the only natural way I found to treat it is to take a vitamin called Devil’s Claw that I get from Swanson’s on line. I take one twice a day, it is very inexpensive and I have no pain whatsoever. If I miss a dose…YIKES! No side effects and all natural and inexpensive…..a WINNER! Also I get concentrated Cherry Juice from them and it did help too but not like Devil’s Claw. Name sounds terrible but what relief it gives me.

9 years ago

Thank you, Joyce! Did you try tart cherry extract? I read that taking that daily can really help, so I don’t know if I should try that or Devil’s Claw. I have never had it before and don’t know if I should expect it to happen again, but it’s so painful that I’d be willing to take a safe supplement daily just to be safe! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays!

9 years ago

I have taken Tart Cherry Juice many times and it helped some. However the Devil;s Claw was and is the very best thing I have taken…bar none. It alone does the full job for me. Cherry juice is just plain healthy and if you want to do both, that is fine. You can take both at the same time. The cherry juice is more expensive and alone is not as long lasting like Devil’s Claw. Hope you get the results I did. Nothing else worked and I refuse to take drugs from the doctors when I read their side effects. If you can afford to do both, do it! My best to you!

Stephanie @ Sustaining the Powers
9 years ago

Oh no! I didn’t even realize women could get gout. I thought it was a middle aged male thing. I can only imagine the difficulty (and hilarity after the fact) of trying to carry a crock pot with crutches. I’m glad they figured it out quickly and you’re better now.

9 years ago

I know! When the doctor told me I was like, “Do people my age even get gout??” He said it’s becoming more common. So weird! I hope it was a one-time freak thing. I’m glad my husband worked from home that day to help me with the slow cooker and everything else. I was pretty useless for about 12 hours ;)

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