52 Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

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October 24, 2022
Andi Gleeson

Corn on the cob is quickly becoming a summertime favorite. However, you can’t completely appreciate truly good corn can taste until you’ve crunched it into a buttered and salted ear that was picked, shucked, and cooked in a matter of minutes. The third-largest source of plant-based protein in the world is corn. Although being a staple diet in many regions of the world, corn has lower nutritional content than other cereals. Niacin deficiency and poor protein quality identify dietary food. Here are some 52 Thanksgiving Corn recipes we prepared for you.

1. Corn Spoonbread

The most wonderful creamy, buttery middle that melts in your mouth, this is essentially cornbread on crack. It’s delicious, but you might want to try it with this unique twist when you have guests over for dinner. Eggs and beaten egg whites are added to a creamy corn mixture to give it a puffy appearance and delicate crispness.

2. Corn Fritters

These crisp cakes, stuffed with corn kernels, cheddar cheese, and seasonings, are cooked together to a crisp golden brown. a simple side dish that showcases summer corn to perfection. Serve them hot with a sprinkling of honey and maple syrup.

3. Creamed Corn

The sweet and spicy flavors of this simple creamed corn are well-balanced. Frozen corn kernels are combined with a rich, creamy sauce in this quick and simple creamed corn recipe. Add additional Parmesan cheese to the mixture or top each serving with it for a cheesier flavor. It is easy to prepare and tastes greater than anything you could ever buy in a can.

4. Corn Casserole

This is the best food ever! similar to a combination of corn souffle and corn pudding with a mild sweetness. It has a custardy, corny, velvety, and sweet flavor. people enjoy serving it over a bowl of chili because it goes so well with a holiday meal. Jiffy cornbread mix, creamed corn, and of course, loads of butter, make preparation extremely quick.

5. Charred Creamed Corn

Charred corn is a basic recipe that won’t take up any space in your oven. This side dish goes well with a weeknight supper or even presented on a special occasion. spread The process of making charred corn is quick and doesn’t require much oven space. Sweet corn that has been charred and is covered in a creamy sauce that is slightly smoky, peppery, and roasted. It has a bacon flavor.

6. Creamed Corn Cornbread

One of the most flavorful and easy recipes out there is this one for cornbread creamed corn. A delicious dish at any meal, the simple creamed cornbread recipe mixes a crunchy top with a soft and moist interior and plenty of corn. This summer, you must try this creamed corn cornbread.

7. Scalloped Corn

A warm, hearty side dish recipe that tastes well on any table is scalloped corn. An easy side dish that is made from a classic casserole of butter, corn, eggs, milk, and crackers. This recipe, which is both savory and sweet, goes well with any holiday feast or Sunday supper. A traditional side dish that goes well with nearly every side dish is scalloped corn.

8. Grandma Moore’s Creamed Corn

The ideal warming side dish recipe is creamed corn, which combines sweet, soft corn kernels with a smooth cream sauce. Simple ingredients are used in this simple dish. The other components are stuff you generally have on hand, and the corn can either be fresh, frozen, or canned. Homemade creamed corn can be simply seasoned with salt and pepper or topped with your favorite toppings, such as sliced jalapeño or crispy bacon.

9. Skillet Corn Casserole

Combine corn, cornbread, creamed corn, and sour cream to make a delicious skillet corn dish. A simple and lovely side dish for any meal. It’s a quick and simple corn recipe that makes a great side dish for a regular meal. The rest of the bacon is broken and scattered over the corn along with some freshly minced parsley.

10. Dump-and-Bake Corn Casserole

This corn recipe is not only great for potlucks and family dinners, but it’s also easy enough to add to the menu during a busy holiday. Although corn casserole is robust enough to maintain its shape, it is similar to a moist and creamy variation of cornbread. Contrarily, corn pudding is even moister and has a more crumbly consistency.

11. Coconut Creamed Corn – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This delicious side dish is homemade and creamy, rich, and sweet. It’s free of dairy.  This recipe doesn’t skimp on flavor; it’s made with silky coconut milk, sweet corn, crushed garlic, and vegan butter. Traditionally, the cream is used as the base for the sweet side dish known as creamed corn. Milk, flour, and butter can be used to make this cream base.

12. Sweet Corn Risotto with Herbes de Provence

It is a dish that is affordable for those who enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. All it requires to make this dish so good is a combination of herbes de Provence, rich chicken stock, parmesan cheese, and a few other things. A celebration of vibrant summer flavors and ingredients is sweet corn risotto. Light but creamy and delicious.

13. Corn and Cauliflower Sauteed in Bourbon Butter

The casserole tastes fantastic. The cauliflower florets are wonderfully coated in cheese that is melting and a creamy cheese sauce. Only enough for two, with a small amount remaining in our pan for a side dish for lunch the following day. Creamy corn and cauliflower are served with a chili-peanut topping that is both hot and energizing.

14. Southern Cornbread Salad

A delightful blend of flavors can be found in the Southern Cornbread Salad Recipe, which also includes bell peppers, pinto beans, corn, tomatoes, ranch dressing, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and green onions. One of our go-to salads since everything comes together quickly and simply. Serve it mixed in a big bowl or stacked in a trifle dish. For potlucks, picnics, family reunions, and pool parties, this side dish is perfect.

15. Corn Stuffing Balls – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

The best cheese and cornballs have a crunchy outside and a soft, cheesy interior. They make a delightful snack that is great with tangy sauces and sides and may be baked or fried. One of my all-time favorite snacks is corn cheese balls. In the winter or when it’s raining, these are the ultimate luxury.

16. Slow-Cooker Creamed Corn with Bacon

Creamed corn cooked in the slow cooker with bacon and chives on top is really amazing. Excellence simple side dish. This simple creamed corn recipe, which is a Christmas staple, is gradually cooked in a rich and creamy sauce. Add some smokey bacon and fresh chives as a side dish to take this crock pot recipe a little further.

17. Zucchini & Sweet Corn Souffle

People who do not enjoy vegetables will enjoy this savory vegetable and cheese soufflé because every bite has a sweet, buttery flavor with just a hint of nutty Swiss cheese. This fantastic recipe for Zucchini and Corn Souffle will make you want zucchini and corn all year long.

18. Sweet Corn and Potato Gratin

This cheesy baked potato dish with sweet corn is for any party and event. It contains the ideal ratio of cheese, sweet corn, and potatoes, as well as delicate herbs and freshly ground black pepper. Serve it with a salad and a cup of hot soup for a wonderful midweek dinner as well. A fantastic comfort food meal that everyone will adore. All at once sumptuous, savory, and sweet. Ideal for events at any time of year.

19. Corn Spoon Bread

Traditional cornbread may never taste as good or be as moist. Because it is eaten with a spoon and has a deliciously delicate, rich, and creamy texture like a combination of corn pudding and corn soufflé, it is known as spoonbread. Serve it hot with organic raw honey and sweet cream butter.

20. Fiesta Corn – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This cuisine is easy, uncomplicated, and versatile enough to suit your individual tastes! It tastes excellent when sweet corn and light spice from taco seasoning are mixed. This cheerful side dish is simple to prepare and has many different versions. Yellow, red, and green Fiesta Corn, also known as Mexicorn, is a dining table classic.

21. Cheesy Corn Spoon Bread

Cream cheese-based corn dish that may also be used as a dip! It’s a traditional side dish that works well as a dip or a family-friendly side dish during gatherings.

22. Creole Cornbread

The essential component of Cajun and Creole cuisine is cornbread. Offer this traditional meal a vegan touch this holiday season to liven things up a bit and enjoy it with your family. This vegan creole cornbread, which was made with nutrition and love, will rival any other cornbread because it is that wonderful.

23. Corn Pudding – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Using both whole-kernel and cream-style corn, this creamy corn is simple to prepare. Every meal, from midweek meals to holiday dinners, benefits from having this quick and simple corn pudding as a side dish. You may add a little sweetness to your meal with this quick and simple side dish. The outside is a little bit crusty, but the inside is soft and sweet.

24. Asian Corn Succotash

A simple vegetarian side dish is Asian succotash. It has a tonne of strong, vibrant flavors. Shiitake mushrooms and baby bok choy are added to this sweet corn succotash recipe to give it an Asian flair. This is the ideal vegan side dish that uses only plants and no oil and can be prepared quickly. For dinner on a weeknight, serve it warm.  it chilled at a summer picnic.

25. Chili Cornbread Salad – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

That was the source of the idea for the chili and cornbread salad! This multi-layered masterpiece includes robust beans, juicy tomatoes and peppers, crispy, meaty bacon, hot chiles, fluffy, sweet cornbread, and spicy chiles. No need to forget the cheese! A rainbow of savory flavors emerges, as a result, reminding one of the chilly evenings spent curled up with a bowl full of chili. Although chili and cornbread salad took some time to perfect, you can see it was worth it after you had your first bite.

26. New Orleans-Style Scalloped Corn

New Orleans families like hosting family gatherings with this vibrant casserole. This recipe for scalloped corn was inspired by a New Orleans meal. Scalloped Corn is given a bright and unanticipated flavor boost by the addition of corn, peppers, and spicy sauce. The nicest part is that you can complete the majority of the task a day early because it is now lovely and extra creamy.

27. Cranberry Cornbread Casserole

The flavor of the orange zest was combined with the pleasantly tangy berries and the sweet, fluffy cornbread. Fresh berries are baked into the bread until they are hot and soft, adding a cool flavor burst to every bite. It practically has the flavor of cranberry sauce spread all over the cornbread.

28. Edamame Corn Carrot Salad

Edamame, carrot, and cucumber salad with soy ginger dressing is a flavorful salad that is light and energizing. It is vegan and gluten-free, making it the ideal side dish for a quick dinner.

29. Barley Corn Salad – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Light summer vegetables and hearty barley are combined in this simple recipe for corn and barley salad to create a delicious side dish. It is quite wonderful, and the sweet corn is delicious and tender.

30. Cheddar Creamed Corn

It’s incredibly simple and creamy to make this One Pot of Cheesy Creamed Corn. The flavorful mixture of buttery corn, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and seasonings in Cheesy Creamed Corn is simply divine. A can of creamed corn from the grocery store is so much worse than this cheesy version. Making it simple and quick. The simplicity and speed of this recipe made it the ideal option for quickly and easily putting a tasty cooked dinner on the table.

31. Layered Grilled Corn Salad

This salad is super tasty. A  unique hybrid version of the classic seven-layer salad that combines the flavors of Mexican street corn, which is quickly becoming another classic. Frozen sweet corn was simply cooked in a skillet with some butter. It makes less mess than the corn on the cob version and yet tastes fresh. This salad was quite popular, preparing it again this summer.

32. Corn Lady Finger Creole – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This summer side dish, corn and okra creole, is fantastic. A tasty, fresh dish is created by mixing tomatoes, corn, lady finger, and creole seasonings. His veggie dish makes you long for the fiddles and bitter coffee and is robust enough to be the main course.

33. Corn and Broccoli in Cheese Sauce

Everyone’s favorite side dish is cheese-topped corn and broccoli! Milk, cream of chicken soup, corn, broccoli, Velveeta, and cheddar cheese. Corn and broccoli are cooked with cheese till bubbling and hot, making a delightful side dish. Everyone will beg for this Scalloped Corn and Broccoli, which makes a hearty side dish.

34. Baked Corn Pudding – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

It has a slight bit of texture from the cornmeal, which helps it bake up with a beautiful golden crust. On the inside, it is soft and supple. This delicious corn pudding, which has a custard-like consistency, goes well with roast or baked ham. It makes a great side dish for a holiday feast as well.

35. Loaded Cheddar-Corn Potato Patties

No crazy sides or vegetables. Simple roasted chicken or beef with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. It’s really simple to make this recipe, and you may use your favorite cheese instead. These Corn & Cheddar Mashed Potato Fritters are a delicious new side dish made from leftover corn and mashed potatoes.

36. Green Chile Creamed Corn

Green chile peppers add some extra flavor to this easy homemade creamed corn recipe. These thanksgiving corn recipes are made with corn, cream cheese, and green chilies and are full of flavor and creamy. This is the ideal side dish for the holidays, and it just takes about 10 minutes to make.

37. Corn & Onion Souffle – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This one of the thanksgiving corn recipes is a special and mouthwatering way to highlight fresh corn. Cream, eggs, and minced onion are used to whip the kernels. The soufflé is the ideal fusion of a delicate, airy texture and the crisp bite of fresh corn kernels. The food is excellent when still warm from the oven.

38. Basil Corn & Tomato Bake- Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This casserole is perfect for a picnic in the backyard. The only ingredients are corn, tomatoes, and bacon, all of which are fresh. a wonderful addition to a barbecue. This filling gratin is similar to a salty bread pudding. It has an Italian flair because of the tomatoes, flavorful basil, and parmesan cheese.

39. Cape Cod Corn Pudding – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Another thanksgiving corn recipes for a side dish in my kitchen is cape cod corn pudding. This quick and simple recipe yields a rich casserole with a flavor of sweet, creamy corn that only takes a few minutes to prepare. A beloved side dish, homemade corn pudding has a creamy custard-like texture and, of course, a massive amount of corn flavor.

40. Confetti Corn – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Confetti Corn is one of the tasty thanksgiving corn recipes that are ideal for all of your summer gatherings or your next taco night. It mixes the flavors of fresh corn, bell peppers, and onions. Fresh corn kernels, red, green, and white bell peppers, and red onion are used to make the summertime classic side dish known as “confetti corn.” This meal stands out from other side dishes made with maize and fresh.

41. Creamy Corn Custard – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Although light, this corn custard recipe is surprisingly filling and flavorful. It is a fantastic side dish for any type of meat. Since the custard has a delicate, creamy texture, it pairs well with foods like grilled steaks, fried fish, and barbecued swine. This one of the thanksgiving corn recipes is delicious.

42. Creamy Polenta with Roasted Corn and Fresh Sage

Sweet corn, creamy polenta, and fresh thyme are combined in this simple recipe for polenta with corn and thyme to create a side dish that is bursting with flavor. Simple polenta is easy to make and adding a few handfuls of corn, some butter, Parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs enhances it.

43. Fresh Corn and Zucchini Saute

Make a tasty and quick side dish in the skillet, fresh zucchini and corn are sauteed with bacon, aromatics, and a few seasonings. A quick and tasty summer side that highlights two of the best veggies of the season is fresh corn and zucchini sauté. This dish only requires a few simple ingredients and the secret to the flavor is that the corn and zucchini are cooked in browned butter. Browned butter is the best thing ever.

44. Smoky Poblano Corn Pudding

In this hearty casserole, sweet corn and roasted poblanos are combined. All year round, the Poblano Corn Casserole is delectable and goes great with anything from steaks to grilled chicken. A delicious summer side dish is poblano corn casserole. Friends and family love this thanksgiving corn recipes and always give it high ratings.

45. Sweet Corn Cake – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

Sweet Corn Cake might be my favorite of the dishes you can create with fresh corn. It is simple to prepare and tastes fantastic with coffee. Sweet Corn Cake, a simple side dish made with only six ingredients and resembling cornbread but not quite a corn pudding, goes well with any Mexican meal.

46. Spicy and Cheesy Creamed Corn

An easy and mouthwatering recipe for creamy, oozy Corn Cheese. Easily prepared in under 20 minutes with few ingredients. This one of the tasty thanksgiving corn recipes is served as a tasty appetizer with chips or bread for dipping, or keep it simple and serve it as a side dish. With recently grilled meat and adore it.

47. Basic Corn Muffins – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This one of the delicious thanksgiving corn recipes for Simple Homemade Corn Muffins is ideal! These easy muffins include a tender cornmeal middle and a crispy top. Although they do include a small amount of sugar, these cornbread muffins are robust and filling and not overly sweet. The muffins’ sides crisp up and turn a lovely golden brown when baked directly in the muffin tray.

48. Sweet Corn Tomalito

It’s a baked sweet corn casserole that tastes and looks like a tamale and goes great with any Mexican or Tex-Mex dish. This gluten-free corn puree is the ideal tiny side dish for enchiladas, tacos, or fajitas! You should save this dish for Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday!

49. Macaroni Corn Casserole – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

A fantastic family meal is this simple recipe for Macaroni Corn Casserole. The Velveeta cheese is combined with delicious corn and supple, soft pasta. This Macaroni and Corn Casserole in the Slow Cooker is a wonderfully simple side dish that nearly cooks itself. This one of the thanksgiving corn recipes is a great midweek supper for busy families or a kid-friendly Thanksgiving side dish.

50. Scalloped Corn and Broccoli

This fresh, frozen, or canned corn can be used to make this simple scalloped corn casserole. This recipe corn bake is tied together by a simple white sauce, an egg, and chopped green bell pepper, which also contributes to taste and color. For more color, mix in some red or orange bell pepper with the green. The recipe comes together quickly and is a wonderful side dish for a holiday dinner or family supper.

51. Yellow Squash and Corn Saute – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

This one of the thanksgiving corn recipes looks like a succotash, it is not a succotash because it lacks the beans that the dish needs. This recipe is a little lighter in flavor and calories due to the absence of beans. It is also incredibly adaptable. You are welcome to omit or swap an ingredient if you can’t find it. The focus of this vegetable skillet is preparing the freshest ingredients.

52. Jalapeno Creamed Corn – Thanksgiving Corn Recipes

A quick and simple homemade side dish for your upcoming barbeque or weekday meal is creamy jalapeno corn. Adding this creamy jalapeno corn recipe to your Thanksgiving celebration because it’s so good. You can easily change the amount of heat in this side dish recipe by adding the jalapeno seeds and membranes for more spiciness or by swapping them out for bell peppers for a milder flavor.


Corn has a number of nutritional advantages. It is not particularly high in any one nutrient and has less fiber than other complex carbs. Despite this, corn is not bad food.  Due to dietary limitations, corn may not be a good choice for certain people to eat. For instance, since corn contains a lot of carbohydrates, those who are seeking to cut back on their intake should avoid it. Instead of maize, those looking to consume a diet high in protein may wish to go for nuts, lean meat, fish, and dairy items.

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