10 Healthy Torta Cubana Recipe Ideas

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January 16, 2023

Hi, babes! It’s time for a new round-up of recipe ideas! This one gathers 10 Torta Cubana recipe ideas that are mainly healthy and still super tasty. These delicious Mexican sandwiches can be amazingly versatile, so prepare for a surprising list!

The torta Cubana is a Mexican sandwich filled with different types of meats, cheeses, and sauces. This full-of-flavors sandwich gets its name from Calle Republica de Cuba, the street where it was invented in Mexico City, Mexico. However, like many street foods, depending on where it’s made and the preferences of the chef, Cubanas can differ a little. They feature a range of different meats, from slices of jamón and roasted pork like carnitas to chorizo, served between halves of crusty bread, pan-fried with butter until crispy.

You should not mistake this sandwich for the equally popular torta Milanesa. The second one is a similar sandwich stuffed with breaded steak, while our tortas Cubana combines meat filling with various condiments including refried beans, avocado, and American-style cheese.

1. Pizza Bread Sandwich

Do you love pizza but don’t have enough time to bake the dough? Well, I have just the right solution for you! These pizza bread sandwiches can be filled with any of your favorite pizza toppings and cooked for only several minutes (just for the cheese to melt).

2. Steak & Avocado Sandwich

This is one of my favorite torta Cubana varieties out there! I prepare this hearty and still refreshing sandwich at least once a month for me and hubby! We love to take it to work and enjoy it at lunch. The avocado and melted cheese pair wonderfully with the rare steak.

3. Ricotta Meatball Sandwich

We all know meatballs in pasta, over polenta, or even by themselves. They are a hearty comfort meal, perfect for any time of the day and year. However, one of my favorite ways to serve them is on a soft bun with marinara sauce, creamy ricotta, and fresh basil. This Torta Cubana version is super simple and still hearty enough!

4. Torta Cubana de Jamón

This torta Cubana recipe uses ham, fresh veggies, and cold cheese slices. It is a cold sandwich that can be also heated in the microwave if you prefer it this way. It is ready in about 5 minutes and the ingredient list can be easily adapted to your own taste. Onion rings, lettuce, sliced tomato and avocado, Manchego or Oaxaca cheese, ham, and freshly baked buns are the ingredients I usually use for this recipe.

5. Shredded Pork in Achiote Sandwich

This shredded pork in the achiote recipe is traditionally called Cochinita Pibil. It is a succulent pork dish, prepared using a rich, flavorful marinade that’s made with bitter orange, vinegar, and achiote paste. Also, it is a Mexican traditional dish that isn’t spicy at all, so is perfect for kids, too.

Making Cochinita Pibil Sandwiches are a perfect option for enjoying this Mexican pork dish during modern times. It makes the recipe flexible and perfect for family reunions.

6. Pork Milenesa Breakfast Torta Cubana

You will not believe how quick and easy this pork Milanese tortas recipe is to make! Not to mention it’s such a crowd-pleaser (at least in my family). I do recommend serving them for breakfast as they are full of protein and nutrients, as they are filled with meat, your favorite veggies, and eggs.

7. Spicy Chicken Torta Cubana with Bolillo Rolls

For this traditional recipe, I recommend making your own bolillo rolls at home. So, make a little research and find an easy bolillo bread recipe for the popular traditional Mexican rolls that feature a crusty exterior and a soft pillowy inside. This staple Mexican bread is perfect for making spicy chicken tortas or enjoying alongside favorites like frijoles.

8. Mexican Chicken Sandwich

Another super versatile and quick-to-make Mexican sandwich. Still chicken, still freshly baked buns, and still easy to make! Add some light mayonnaise, freshly ground parsley, avocado and pickled peppers slices, and that’s it! You have a Mexican-style chicken sandwich. Enjoy!

9. Pork Tortas (Sandwiches)

Even though the traditional torta comes in numerous varieties, a crown favorite remains the adobo-braised pulled pork sandwich at Nopalito, San Francisco’s popular restaurant dedicated to Mexican cuisine. The braised pork is the star of this traditional-type sandwich. It is fried in adobo sauce before being layered on a toasted telera roll with refried beans, avocado, and crunchy cabbage slaw. So delicious! Why not prepare it at home?

10. Costco Turkey and Provolone Sandwich

A great quick dinner to prepare, basically ready in 15-20 minutes! If you love the Costco Turkey sandwich, this copycat is surely for you. I always preferred the copycat homemade recipes to the original ones because I like to save up as much as possible. So, this turkey and provolone torta Cubana is a winner for me!

What Is Your Favorite Torta Cubana Recipe?

All in all, it is time for you to share your thoughts about these 10 Torta Cubana recipe ideas. What do you think about them? Did you find them as simple as I did? Also, do you generally enjoy these Mexican sandwiches? Tell me everything in the comment section below. Also, I need you to add whatever Cubanas version that you’ve ever tasted and found tasty. I tried my best to gather 10 of the best, but I’m aware there are so many out there. So, I count on you to complete my list.

Furthermore, don’t forget that your input on everything I write about is extremely valuable. It really helps me know what you think and how you would improve my recipes, ideas, and advice. So, keep on asking any questions in the comments section. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible!

Last but not least, I know that inspiration is something we all need sometimes in the kitchen. So, here are three more round-ups I love.


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