7 Delicious and Quick Ways to Cook with Wine

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January 2, 2023
Andi Gleeson

Sometimes just drinking wine is not enough. Read about my latest hair drama and why I really need to cook with wine tonight!

Sometimes drinking wine is not enough. Read about how I fried my hair and how I consoled myself by cooking with wine!

My Latest Hair Drama and Cook with Wine

I had a heck of a day on Tuesday, but it was the most ridiculous, first-world “problem” ever. I’m really not even complaining because I know people have actual problems, so I’m just passing on the tale of my Hair Salon Tuesday because it’s funny.

It all ends up with me needing some wine, which is why I’m writing about how to not only drink but also eat wine for dinner! Because this story is so long, and I don’t want you to lose interest; I’m going to intermix some amazing recipes using wine as I tell you about hair drama.

This Is My Latest Hair Drama…

My hair has been a work in progress lately. I’m only 38 (play along and let me feel like that’s still young), but my hair is very gray, probably at least 75% gray. This isn’t a surprise because premature graying runs in my family, and until a few months ago, I was just going with it. Finally, I decided I wanted to start coloring it to look a little better. It started with just subtly coloring about half the gray, then I went nuts and colored the lot of it pretty close to my natural color. Do you know why I had resisted coloring it at all? The upkeep.

Dying gray hair almost black is great fun on days 1-7. Then, the white roots start coming in. It’s hard to notice at first, but by day 14, it looks pretty ridiculous. In an effort to make the growing process smoother, I thought I would try light highlights. I went in yesterday at 10:30 am for the highlights. I needed to leave by 12:30 to pick up my son because I was parked in two-hour parking. Hair color can’t take longer than two hours, right?!

After the bleach had been sitting for a while, she came to check the color and asked what time I had to leave. Apparently, it wasn’t lightning as much or as fast as she expected. I had to call a friend to get my son and wait for me at a coffee shop next door so they could put me under the heat and rinse my hair. They sent me out in the salon smock with a towel clipped around my neck and wet hair with yellow highlights to go pick up my son! To make it worse, when I got to the car, I had a $76 parking ticket for being there over the two-hour limit. Ugh.

As If That Wasn’t Enough

After an embarrassing pickup, my son and I went BACK to the salon so they could put the next layer of color on, rinse it again, and put me under the dryer again. I had to pick up my older kid by 2:40, and I was a few minutes late. That means I was at the stupid hair salon for FOUR HOURS! What’s worse, my hair is completely fried. I’m trying not to freak out that it’s the color and texture of straw. I’m sitting here right now with my hair slathered in coconut oil hoping it helps. I’m going back Friday for a keratin treatment that will either make it smooth and silky or even worse. Let’s hope for the former.

Cook with Wine, My Loves! It Helps! 7 Ways to Cook with Wine

I had to rush my older son to a doctor’s appointment, and by the time we got home, it was time to make their dinner and then do bedtime. Somehow I had lost a whole day, and I looked worse instead of better for it. Last night, I needed a glass of wine for sure. When you’ve got a day that wine is in order, why not spare a few ounces to make one of these delicious recipes too? Cheers!

Cheese Stuffed Chicken in White Wine Sauce by The Midnight BakerCheese Stuffed Chicken in White Wine Sauce by The Midnight Baker

Skillet Lemon Chicken with White Wine Sauce by The Cookie RookieSkillet Lemon Chicken with White Wine Sauce by The Cookie Rookie

Meat Sauce with Red Wine and Mushrooms by Flavor the MomentsMeat Sauce with Red Wine and Mushrooms by Flavor the Moments

Pasta with Artichokes, Sausage, and Sun-dried Tomatoes by Fake GingerPasta with Artichokes, Sausage, and Sun-dried Tomatoes by Fake Ginger

Simple Wine Sauce for SteakSimple Wine Sauce for Steak by The Weary Chef

Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears by The Food NetworkSpiced Red Wine Poached Pears by The Food Network

Drunken Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits by MaebellsDrunken Cherry Cheesecake Parfaits by Maebells

How Do You Cook with Wine?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go rinse the oil out of my hair and drink a glass of wine while I contemplate how long it will take to grow out this overly bleached mop. xo

Want more wine? OK, here you go!

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Andi Gleeson, food blogger

Andi Gleeson

Andi Gleeson is a passionate blogger and mom based in San Francisco who focuses on easy and delicious dinner recipes.


9 years ago

Oh, I can relate. Color does get tricky, and it is expensive. I am twice your age + so have years of experience. I think you need a new hair person for sure. My family all went gray early too, and I have pretty much always colored my hair. To me it is worth the expense and time. I have a hairdresser who teaches others. She is expensive but so worth it. The good news…it will grow out! I always love your recipes and share with my grown son. He uses them often and loves them. Thank You!

9 years ago

Yes it gets so expensive especially when you have to stay on top of gray roots constantly growing in! Thank you so much for this nice message. I’m so happy to hear that you and your son like my recipes. This made my day! :)

Kacey @ The Cookie Writer
9 years ago

Oh, boy, that is one long and eventful day! I have wanted to add some funky colour to my hair but I think I will play it safe :) I won’t lie, I know from experience of having seen my neighbour have her hair dyed that it takes FOREVER. On the plus side, wine helped :)

9 years ago

Wine always helps ;) I wish I had just left my hair alone at this point!

Jaren (Diary of a Recipe Collector)
9 years ago

Oh my goodness! I was cracking up at your poor story! I got a visual of you running out of the hair salon to get your son. I’m sorry it turned out as such a bad day! My sister also has a lot of premature gray hair and she has to dye it constantly! Wine does help! I love cooking with wine too!

9 years ago

It’s not a pretty visual. Is your sister’s hair dark like yours? Does she color it her natural color? I bet she does have to dye it all the time! The roots are no fun. :/

Nutmeg Nanny
9 years ago

I LOVE wine but I love it even more when it’s in my food too :) I’m always throwing wine in my soups and stews so I’m happy to see a few new recipes.

9 years ago

I love it any way I can get it ;) Thank you!

9 years ago

Oh Andi! As soon as I read the part about the highlights, I knew the worse was to come! My problem is white hair in front that will not take to color. Fortunately, I have blonde hair, so the white blends in well enough. I tried having highlights over color a few times which resulted in dry hair. Never again!
Thanks for the recipes! :-)

9 years ago

Hi, Joanne. YES, all my white is in the front and on top, and the rest of my hair is almost black. Roots growing in are lovely… My hair looks so weird now. I would start planning my bob, but I look horrid with short hair. I’m just going to have to make the best of it! Where’s the wine? ;)

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