Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #103: Shrimp Soup, Ranch Burgers, and More!

3 minutes
June 3, 2016
Andi Gleeson

This week’s menu of easy dinners features Cajun Shrimp Soup, Artichoke Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Warm Spinach Salad, and lots more!

This week's menu of easy dinners features Cajun Shrimp Soup, Artichoke Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Warm Spinach Salad, and lots more!

Hey guys! If you follow me regularly and came looking for a new recipe roundup on Wednesday, I’m sorry I didn’t deliver on that. It’s not often that I miss a post completely, but my 3-year-old comedic daredevil decided to crash into a wall and pretend to fall over dead on Wednesday morning. During that completely intentional fall, he slammed his chin into the corner of our dining table bench and got a gash. I spent the morning that I planned to spend writing a fun roundup at the emergency room getting him glued shut. (He’s fine now.)

This is yet another reason why I should work ahead a bit and not be scrambling to finish posts at the last minute, but I just don’t seem to operate that way. I probably would have still pulled it together at the end of the day, but instead I spent my evening at another fun-filled, three-hour PTA board meeting. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses I guess. The good news is that I have two new easy dinners for you this week, and I hope you love them both. Let’s get to it!

  1. Creamy Cajun Shrimp Soup – Remember last week when I shared chicken gumbo and said I thought it didn’t get much attention since it was so time consuming? Well this soup has a similar flavor but is ready in much less time!Creamy Cajun Shrimp Soup
  2. Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burgers – I don’t think I need to say anything more. The title sells itself!Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burgers - wearychef.com
  3. Warm Spinach Salad with Chicken and Lemon Dressing – I know this sounds kind of fancy, but it’s really quick and easy. It’s on the table in under 30 minutes!This warm spinach salad with chicken, mushroom, couscous, and a lemon dressing is delicious, healthy, and quick!
  4. Cheeseburger Pockets – This was an early recipe, and I’ve never gotten around to replacing the photos. Even so, it deserves some attention! Serve these easy treats with a side salad for a fun dinner kids will love. (Includes my first ever video tutorial!)Cheeseburger Pockets - Easy, fun recipe with only 3 ingredients! wearychef.com
  5. Standup Oven Tacos – These are a fun and easy way to make tacos for a crowd!Standup Oven Tacos | The Weary Chef
  6. Jalapeño Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Many of you have requested a weekly vegetarian recipe, so here you go! You didn’t say it had to be healthy too…Jalapeño Artichoke Dip Grilled Cheese Sandwich #makethatsandwich
  7. Yellow Rice with Sausage and Kale – This is a great 30-minute meal with a combination of healthy ingredients and lots of flavor. (You can substitute an all-natural rice mix for the yellow rice if you prefer.)Saffron Rice with Sausage and Kale - An #easy #healthy #frugal #dinner! by @wearychef

Andi Gleeson

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