10 Best Cool Whip Recipes

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March 6, 2023
Andi Gleeson

If you love Cool Whip recipes as I do, then I know you’ll want to try all of these tasty creations!

If you love Cool Whip recipes like I do, then I know you'll want to try all of these tasty creations!

10 Easy and Delicious Cool Whip Recipes

I know some folks might turn up their noses at Cool Whip, but I have a feeling that if you are one of those people, you wouldn’t have even read this far. In that case, let’s embrace our love of this fluffy white faked whipped cream and talk about what we can make with it!

Honestly, my absolute favorite way to enjoy Cool Whip is to pile a mountainous cloud of it on pumpkin pie, but there’s so much more you can do with it. From layered desserts to cookie dough, this Cool Whip is very versatile! Just take a look at some of these creations I KNOW you’ll be excited to try!

Award Winning Banana Pudding by Weary ChefAward Winning Banana Puddingby The Weary Chef

Frozen Caramel-Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert by Recipe GirlFrozen Caramel-Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich DessertBy: Recipe Girl

Simple Cool Whip Chocolate Cookies by Dine and DishSimple Cool Whip Chocolate CookiesBy: Dine and Dish

Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie by The Cookie RookieStrawberry Lemonade Freezer PieReal Estate Attorney PhiladelphiaBy: The Cookie Rookie

Mint Oreo Icebox Cake by Tidy MomMint Oreo Icebox CakeBy: Tidy Mom

Layered Strawberry Jello Cups by The First Year BlogLayered Strawberry Jello CupsBy: The First Year Blog

Frog Eye Fruit Salad by Yummy Healthy EasyFrog Eye Fruit SaladBy: Yummy Healthy Easy

Cherry Fluff by Mom on TimeoutCherry FluffBy: Mom on Timeout

Banana Butterscotch Parfaits by The Weary ChefBanana Butterscotch ParfaitsBy: The Weary Chef

Banana Split Fluff Salad by Inside BruCrew LifeBanana Split Fluff SaladBy: Inside BruCrew Life

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Andi Gleeson, food blogger

Andi Gleeson

Andi Gleeson is a passionate blogger and mom based in San Francisco who focuses on easy and delicious dinner recipes.


Melanie | Melanie Makes
8 years ago

I love Cool Whip – as in I keep tubs of it at the ready in the freezer at all times! Such a great collection of recipes, Andi!

Michelle | A Latte Food
8 years ago

These all look amazing! I love using Cool Whip in desserts! So simple and so good!

Maris (In Good Taste)
8 years ago

I remember some of these classic salads from childhood!

8 years ago

I am wondering why so many different steps to get to the recipe that I am wanting to try. I wish that it was so much simplier to get too.

Andi Gleeson
8 years ago

Hi, Mary. A post like this Cool Whip one, known as a recipe roundup, showcases a collection of recipes on a theme. Many of the recipes are not my own, and it wouldn’t be right for me to publish other bloggers’ recipes on my own site. Also, it would make the post much too long to have 10 full recipes all in one page. This post is intended to give you ideas, and you can go see the individual recipes that you are interested in trying. Thank you.

Des @ Life's Ambrosia
8 years ago

What a great round up of recipes!

Sandra Watts
8 years ago

These are great. Getting warm weather and will love to make a few of these. :)

8 years ago

I love all of these recipes, and I don’t have a problem with using Cool Whip!

Michelle @ The Complete Savorist
8 years ago

Cool Whip reminds me of summer and all of your pictures place me at a BBQ outside. One of my favorites was simply dipping strawberries in some Cool Whip.

8 years ago

Thank you Andi

Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious
8 years ago

Yeah, I love that stuff but I won’t admit it out loud. Wait, I just did. Oh well…you know what’s good? Freeze it and eat it straight out of the freezer. I did NOT just say that.

Kimberly @ The Daring Gourmet
8 years ago

Such a terrific roundup of both classic and beautifully creative recipes!

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