Seven Easy Dinner Ideas (Week 129!) - Procrastination Woes.

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June 3, 2016
Andi Gleeson

Don’t miss this week’s menu full of easy dinner ideas like Enchilada Skillet, Pesto Pizza Sandwiches, Chicken Pizza, and lots more!

Are you guys planners or procrastinators, or can you be both? I’m actually pretty good at planning but never actually get any of those plans done until the last minute. That usually works out OK for me, well except that I’m perpetually late and stressed about deadlines on the regular. The problem with procrastination is that when you give yourself zero wiggle room in your timelines, any kind of delay can really throw a monkey in the wrench.

procrastination via

This is me. 100%.

That’s why it’s Friday night, and I’m just now writing today’s menu. I don’t have any excuse for not getting it done ahead of time except that it’s just not in my nature (see above). I should have done it last night, but I was all, “It doesn’t take me that long to do my menu posts. I’ll just do it in the morning!” Then morning came, and I couldn’t think of anything to write about especially because my darling 4-year-old wouldn’t stop talking in my ear for more than three seconds at a time. He was home with me today, so I realized it was a lost cause and took him out to have fun instead. I told myself that no one would starve if I didn’t give you seven dinner ideas first thing in the morning. (Plus I have about a million past menus to browse!)

Don't miss this week's menu full of easy dinner ideas like Enchilada Skillet, Pesto Pizza Sandwiches, Chicken Pizza, and lots more!

So, there you have it. Today I was my true self. A mom and a procrastinator, and now I’m my other true self, a wine-drinking blogger. Now, let’s get to some dinner ideas!

P.S. Don’t forget to watch Southern Uncovered on Ovation this weekend to see my recipe featured on the new episode featuring Texas BBQ!

1. Pantry Enchilada Chicken Skillet – You’ll LOVE this one, and you can keep all the ingredients on hand in the pantry except the cheese. (I always have at least three kinds of cheese in my fridge at all times, so that’s not a problem…)Keep your pantry stocked with all the ingredients you need for this delicious and easy chicken enchilada rice dinner!

2. Easy Roast Beef and Gravy over Roasted Potatoes – Meat, potatoes, and gravy. Enough said.This easy recipe for roast beef and gravy served over potatoes and onions is perfect for Sunday dinner or busy weeknights!

3. Southwest Chicken Pizza – This pizza is a copycat of my favorite delivery pizza but really easy and inexpensive to make at home!With a few shortcuts, this spicy southwest pizza is quick and easy to make and rivals our local takeout place!

4. Kale and Quinoa Salad with Salmon – If you aren’t into salmon, explain yourself. Just kidding. If you don’t want to use salmon, just try shrimp or chicken instead!Kale and Quinoa Salad with Salmon (or chicken!)

5. Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese – I share these sandwiches regularly on social media but kinda forget to put them in my menus often enough. One of my favorite things to eat EVER!pesto pizza grilled cheese4

6. Simple Rice Pilaf with something off the grill – I don’t want to boss you on what meat to eat with this rice because it goes with just about anything. Sausages, chicken, fish, steak… Add some asparagus or green beans on the side too if you’d like!Quick and easy rice pilaf loaded with sweet peas and dill!

7. Tuna Melt Tostadas – In honor of this week’s Tuna Melt Roundup, I have to include this fun dinner recipe!Tuna Melt Tostada - Add some crunch to a classic sandwich!

 Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you next week! xoxo

Andi Gleeson, food blogger

Andi Gleeson

Andi Gleeson is a passionate blogger and mom based in San Francisco who focuses on easy and delicious dinner recipes.


Kelly - Life Made Sweeter
9 years ago

I am definitely a little bit of both especially now after having kids;) Love this week’s menu,Andi! The pesto pizza grilled cheese and pantry enchilada would be a hit at our house!

Andi Gleeson
9 years ago

Thank you, Kelly! It’s hard not to be a procrastinator with kids in the mix. Most moms are too worn out to get ahead of the game :)

Kennedy Cole| KCole's Creative Corner
9 years ago

This looks like such a great collection of super duper easy recipes! Thanks for sharing!

Andi Gleeson
9 years ago

Thanks so much, Kennedy!

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