Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #110: Introducing Custom Grocery Lists!

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March 6, 2023
Andi Gleeson

This week’s menu features Cheeseburger Ranch Salad, Cheesy Chicken over Pesto Quinoa, Salmon Nachos, Asian Noodle Soup, and lots more!

This week's menu features Cheeseburger Ranch Salad, Cheesy Chicken over Pesto Quinoa, Salmon Nachos, Asian Noodle Soup, and lots more!

Guys, I have news. Big, big news. It’s not that my foot is in a crazy boot because of tendinitis, although that is also news. No, I’m not pregnant. (Imagine the additional weariness that would create!) The news is, you can now create custom grocery lists on The Weary Chef! This is a feature I’ve wanted to offer since I started this blog, and thanks to new recipe software I can finally actually do it!

You can now create custom grocery lists on The Weary Chef!

Look for this little shopping cart icon in the top right of my recipes. Click it, and all the ingredients will be added to your list. Click “Grocery List” in my top navigation menu, you’ll be taken to your very own custom list. You can add as many recipes as you want and either print your list or view it on your mobile phone in the grocery store, checking off items as you shop!

This announcement is a wee bit premature because all my recipes aren’t ready for this feature yet, but the new ones are. I’m working as fast as I can to get every single recipe here switched over to the new system. Not only will you now be able to create shopping lists, but you can also change the number of servings of a recipe and even convert to metric measurements! I hope you are all as excited as I am about these additional features. I hope they will make my site even more useful to you!

Now, let’s talk about this week’s easy dinners. I have two new recipes for you, both involving melted cheese but still reasonably good for you. I also have some old favorites. Every recipe included today is ready to go with the shopping list feature, so give it a spin and let me know how you like it!

  1. NEW: Spicy Cheeseburger Ranch SaladTry a juicy beef patty on a bed of baby spinach topped with melted cheese, sliced tomatoes, and Ranch dressing. Cheeseburger Ranch Salad may be your new favorite way to eat a burger!
  2. Complete Meal: Catfish with Greens and CornbreadPan Fried Catfish with Greens and Cornbread - A complete Southern meal! via wearychef.com
  3. Slow Cooker French Dip SandwichesSlow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches
  4. NEW: Cheesy Chicken over Pesto QuinoaMozzarella-covered chicken over a bed of pesto quinoa is a quick and easy dinner you'll love!
  5. Asian Noodle Soup with ShrimpAsian Noodle Soup with Shrimp - wearychef.com
  6. MY FAVORITE: Salmon and Black Bean NachosSalmon and Black Bean Nachos - wearychef.com
  7. Breakfast for Dinner CasseroleBreakfast for Dinner Casserole: This easy hashbrown casserole is just right for any time of day!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll talk to you next week!

Andi Gleeson


9 years ago

YES! I have been silently wishing for an easier way to compile my grocery list and you’ve answered my meal planning prayers!

Thank you for this awesome new feature – you’re brilliant!

9 years ago

So glad you’re as excited as I am, Jen :) Thank you! (P.S. The software developer really deserves the credit. I just installed it ;)

Jaren (Diary of a Recipe Collector)
9 years ago

You’re just so good at what you do Andi! Love this new feature!

9 years ago

Thank you, Jaren! You don’t know how much I needed this tonight. I have been feeling down this week, so this really made my day. Have a good weekend! xo

9 years ago

Thank you for this genius idea of a shopping list with your recipes. This simplifies the making dinner experience… FANTASTIC~!

9 years ago

I’m glad you like it, Sherry! I can’t wait to get all my recipes switched over. Thanks for your patience :)

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