Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #83: Skillet Dinners, Salads, Steak, and More!

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June 3, 2016
Andi Gleeson

This week’s easy weekly dinner menu features Thai Green Curry Skillet, Juicy Oven Steak, Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese, Easy Meatballs and Gravy, and lots more!

This week's easy weekly dinner menu features Thai Green Curry Skillet, Juicy Oven Steak, Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese, Easy Meatballs and Gravy, and lots more!

Hi, my friends! How are you? I can’t even believe it is already Friday. It has been cuckoo crazy around here this week! With school starting, my PTA job ramped up and is taking a lot of time. I’m already plenty busy with my boys and blog, so throwing in an extra job has been challenging. I’m looking forward to the weekend so I can relax try to catch up! What are you doing this weekend?

I have to be honest and say that because of all that craziness, I’m a little short on new dinner recipes for you this week, but I do have good news. I have a scrumptious guest recipe from the lovely Tanya of Lemons for Lulu. I also revamped three recipes that haven’t seen the light of day for a while, so they are practically new, right?

Hang in there with me one more week while I’m hanging in there. I hope to have some sort of resemblance of sanity in my life after Labor Day. Here’s hoping! Now let’s get to your easy dinner recipes!

  1. Pizza Pasta Salad – You could serve this tasty dish as a side with grilled chicken or on its own. Be sure to make extra for lunch boxes the next day!Pizza Pasta Salad - Get an easy lunch box recipe and #HydrationEducation from @VitaCocoKids!
  2. Thai Green Curry Skillet – Why exert yourself with cooking a separate pot of rice when you can make your curry all in one pan?Thai Green Curry Skillet - The curry you love made in one pan in under 30 minutes!
  3. Turkey Ranch Club Salad – This salad is good, easy, and reasonably healthy. Perfect for busy weeknights!
    Ranch Turkey Club Salad - All the goodness of a club sandwich in a bowl! - wearychef.com
  4. Juicy Oven Steak – This steak will be the star of your dinner plate, so just make a simple side salad and baked potatoes to go with it.Juicy Oven Steak - Cook thick cuts to perfection with this easy skillet to oven technique!
  5. Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Spinach – Serve these luscious potatoes with Buttermilk Baked Chicken or pan-seared fish for a delicious dinner that’s easier than it looks!Scalloped Potatoes with Goat Cheese and Spinach | The Weary Chef
  6. Easiest Ever Meatballs and Gravy – Steam some green beans, and dinner is done!Easiest Ever Meatballs and Gravy - You only need 6 ingredients and 20 minutes for this delicious dinner! #meatballs #easy
  7. Creamy Baked Chicken by Lemons for Lulu – I took some shortcuts on Tanya’s recipe to skip the baking step but otherwise made it as written. This dinner was delicious!

    Creamy Baked Chicken | Lemons for Lulu

    Photo credit: lemonsforlulu.com

Make breakfast and dessert all in one with this Marbled Chocolate Coffee Cake!

Marbled Chocolate Coffee Cake - Sweetened with applesauce and banana and topped with a chocolate-cashew crumb topping. Perfect for breakfast or dessert!

Andi Gleeson, food blogger

Andi Gleeson

Andi Gleeson is a passionate blogger and mom based in San Francisco who focuses on easy and delicious dinner recipes.

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