Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #89: Summer Dinner Ideas

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August 5, 2022
Andi Gleeson

If it’s hot where you are, you won’t want to heat up your kitchen by turning on the oven. That’s why today I’m bringing you seven summer dinner ideas perfect for warm weather days!

Easy Weekly Dinner Menu featuring Thai Pizza, Ranch Club Salad, 7-Layer Tacos, Taco Macaroni, and lots more!

Hello. Are you enjoying the crisp, fall air? Are leaves changing color and you’re finally bringing out the sweaters? I’m not! I’m in San Francisco, and around these parts, fall = summer. It’s been hitting 90 degrees here the past couple days, and since hot weather is pretty uncommon, none of us have air conditioning. I’m melting!

On days like these, we try to spend a lot of time strolling through malls, Target, the grocery store, or any other air-conditioned places that won’t throw us out for hanging around. When it comes time for dinner, I try to make anything that doesn’t heat up the kitchen! You’ll see that theme in this week’s menu. There is one (awesome) pizza recipe that requires 10 minutes of baking, but I did that in our toaster oven so it didn’t heat up the house. The rest of this week’s recipes use the stovetop, slow cooker, or not much cooking at all. No matter what your weather, I hope you like this lineup!

  1. No-Brainer Taco Macaroni (NEW and one of my easiest recipes ever!)This simple recipe is just right when you need a VERY easy family-friendly dinner!
  2. Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (serve with chips or potato salad)2-ingredient Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken with #Manwich | The Weary Chef
  3. Gluten-Free Thai Peanut Chicken PizzaGluten-Free Thai Peanut Chicken Pizza - A quick and easy dinner idea!
  4. Ranch Turkey Club SaladRanch Turkey Club Salad - All the goodness of a club sandwich in a bowl! - wearychef.com
  5. 7-Layer Tacos7-Layer Tacos: Your favorite dip turned dinner! - wearychef.com
  6. Meatball Pasta SkewersMeatballs and Pasta Skewers - A kid-friendly dinner or perfect party food! - wearychef.com
  7. Steak Caprese Pasta SaladSteak Caprese Pasta Salad - This delicious, satisfying dish is easy to make!

Here’s a no-bake dessert recipe to go with your dinners this week!

These easy cereal bars made with Peanut Butter Crunch and loaded with Reese's Pieces are a peanut butter lover's dream come true!

Andi Gleeson, food blogger

Andi Gleeson

Andi Gleeson is a passionate blogger and mom based in San Francisco who focuses on easy and delicious dinner recipes.


Liz @ Floating Kitchen
10 years ago

Great round-up of recipes! I always go to the mall or the movies when it’s crazy hot.

10 years ago

Thanks, Liz! I would love to sit in a theater for a couple hours this weekend, but it’s hard to find something my boys can watch. I hope it’s going to cool down soon!

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