Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey over Rice

These Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey are one of my most popular recipes! This dinner is quick, flavorful, and healthy. I bet it will be a hit at your house!

Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey over Rice #healthy #dinner

I’ve mentioned that we live in San Francisco and are surrounded by AMAZING Asian cuisine, so we’re pretty picky about our Chinese food. When I saw a couple ground turkey stir fry recipes floating around, I thought turkey in an Asian-inspired dish seemed peculiar, but then I remembered having something similar that had ground pork instead. Pork. Turkey. What’s the difference, right? I’m so glad I decided to try these Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey because this meal was delicious! To make it even better, this dinner takes less than 30 minutes to prepare!

Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey over Rice #healthy #dinner

My oldest usually turns his nose up at green beans when I make green beans, but he makes an exception for Chinese green beans. I can’t understand that kid. He won’t eat gravy or spaghetti sauce, but he loves sushi and anything smothered in Chinese black bean sauce. It’s hard to say he’s picky exactly. Maybe he just has discerning taste. He’s certainly growing up in the right city. We didn’t have a lot of Asian food options when I was a kid in Mississippi! Fortunately I’m making up for it as an adult.

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  1. This looks really good & healthy! :)

    • The Weary Chef says:

      Thanks, Carrie! I was a little surprised how good it was just because I don’t usually think of turkey for stir fry.

  2. Chanelle says:

    Pinned this today and made it tonight. Soooo good. We loved it!

  3. cookingwithcurls says:

    We love Asian food! I have never had it with ground turkey, but I’m will to give it a shot :) Awesome photo!!!

  4. This looks really great! I don’t eat beef so I am always looking for different recipes that include ground turkey instead of ground beef. I’m pinning this!

  5. Love how this only takes 30 minutes…looks amazing, Andi! Love the pic!

  6. I really like this dish, Andi! And, you photo is incredible!!! I’m still learning my new T3, I have no patience, I just want to know it already!

    • The Weary Chef says:

      Thanks, Paula! I was used to using my Sony camera in manual mode, so that helps, but the controls are different so there’s still a learning curve. It’s hard to spend time learning a new camera when you just want to take your picture and eat! ;)

  7. I love the idea of using ground turkey instead, definitely will be trying this!

  8. Chrystal Thurston says:

    I usually but a whole turkey when it’s super cheap and then figure out what to do with it later. Since it’s so close to the holidays I didn’t want to make my regulars and this sounds wonderful. But we are on a super tight budget too, I was wondering if I could use Sriracha Chili sauce and if that is the chili garlic sauce you are referring too? Also I only have rice vinegar in the house what is the seasoned kind seasoned with, could I just add seasonings to it? Thank you.
    We tried your Bacon Cheddar Ranch Burgers with Parmesan Ranch Chips last night. Great burger a new staple in our house but I wasn’t able to get the dry buttermilk powder at my grocery and I may have left out the Parmesan because they were a little flat. But I will try them again when I can get the buttermilk and be SURE to add the Parmesan. lol

    • Hi, Chrystal. I’m sorry for not replying sooner! I got sidetracked researching alternatives to the chili garlic sauce and seasoned rice vinegar and forgot to actually respond. I think you will still enjoy the turkey and green beans if you make some substitutions. Just give it a taste and see if it might need extra garlic, soy sauce, salt, or something like that if it seems too plain.

      The powdered buttermilk seems pricey, I think $4 or $5 for the canister, but it ends up being much cheaper than buying ranch dressing packets. I’ve used it a lot and still have probably half left! I’m so happy you liked the burgers. Thanks a lot for your comment and questions :)

  9. LOVE this recipe! I never thought ground turkey could turn in to something so flavorful! Can you list the nutrition content by chance?

    • Thank you, Heather! Unfortunately, I don’t usually calculate the nutritional value of my recipes because I don’t have an easy way to do it. I know I saw a site once where you could paste in recipe ingredients and calculate the nutritional facts, but I can’t find it again. I’ll look again and email you if I find it. Thanks again for your sweet comment :)

  10. Made this last night and it was so tasty! I switched out the white rice with brown and added some cooked lentils for added nutrients. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Hi, Alisha! I’m so glad you liked it, and I really appreciate that you took the time to come back and let me know. Lentils in the rice sound great. I’ve started to switch mostly to brown rice too. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I actually prefer the chewy texture. Thanks for your comment :)

  11. This was simple, inexpensive and AWESOME! I will be making this again and again!

  12. Chrystal Thurston says:

    I have made so many of your recipes and we LOVE them! Yours is my go to site when I am looking for ideas. But although this one tasted great it was very dry any idea where I went wrong? I’d love to make it again but my hubby must have sauce/gravy for his rice. Any suggestions would be appreciated and thanks for all your hard work on the site, I LOVE it!

    • Hi, Chrystal. Thank you so much for this sweet message! I appreciate it so much!

      I can understand wanting more sauce. Here’s what I would do: Add 2 tbsp. more of hoisin sauce. At the end of cooking, stir 1 tbsp. corn starch into 1/4 c. cold water, and stir that into the skillet. That should give you a bit more sauce, and you could stir in up to another 1/4 c. water to thin it more. Give it a taste and add a little more soy sauce or chili sauce if needed. I haven’t tried this, but I think it will turn out the way you want. Have a good weekend!

  13. Tried this for dinner last night and it met *every* one’s stamp approval. It was delicious and it was easy and even the picky eaters raved over it. What more can you ask?

    I used frozen whole green beans and just cooked them until hot.

    Thanks for an amazing recipe.

  14. This looks really great, but I’m wondering about the heat factor. I have two little guys that will eat almost anything, and can even deal with a little heat, but not a lot. Any thoughts on the chili garlic sauce or substitutions for such to bring it down a bit?

    • Hi, Jen! You could just double the hoisin sauce and leave out the chili garlic sauce. It’s not that spicy as written, but I understand what you mean. My boys won’t eat food if there is even a hint of spiciness! I hope you like the recipe :)

  15. So unbelievably delish! My turkey to bean ratio was off…with more beans (Costco giant pack). So I upped the hoisin, soy and vinegar. Perfect! Spicy, but not burn-off-your-mouth-so-you-can’t-eat-another-bite spicy (yes, I am baby when it comes to spicy). Didn’t miss the beef at all. Thanks for a perfect, inexpensive twist in our meal plan!!

    • Wow, Wendi! Thanks so much for this rave review! You made me want to make this again this week. It’s a favorite around here too, but I haven’t gotten around to making it in a while. Hope you’ve had a nice weekend :)

  16. Hi, I made this recipe for dinner tonight. It was good, great flavor but Oh my! So spicy…I wasn’t sure about the Chili garlic sauce and used Sriracha (I used 1 table spoon instead of 2) but still very spicy…I am not sure I used the right sauce…. So what kind of chili garlic sauce did you used in this recipe? Thanks!

    • Yikes I bet that was spicy! The chili garlic sauce I used is in the Chinese food section with things like black bean sauce, hoisin sauce, etc. I hope you were still able to enjoy it! I’ll check the recipe to make sure the link to the sauce is still working. I put it there to show what kind I was talking about. Thank you, Maryse!

  17. This is possibly the best recipe I’ve ever found. Made it for dinner for my hubby and I last night and neither of us could stop raving about it. I hope he won’t be annoyed when I make it every night for the rest of the week…

  18. Found this on Pinterest. Made it for dinner tonight, and it is delicious! Just enough spice for me. I boiled the beans a little, as my guy doesn’t like super-crisp beans. So yummy!

  19. Kelsey Collins says:

    What is the chili garlic sauce? The link just leads to the same recipe page. I’d love to try the recipe but don’t want to miss a crucial ingredient!

    • Hi, Kelsey. Sorry, I’m not sure what went wrong with that link but I fixed it. It just goes to the product page on Amazon to show you what it looks like, but you can find it in the Asian section of most grocery stores. Thank you!

  20. Hi, I keep trying to click on the chili garlic sauce link and it just keeps bringing me back to this page. What are the ingredients to make it?

    • Hi, Adrianna. Thank you for letting me know there was a problem with that link. Sorry about that! I fixed it now, but it is a link to the product on Amazon to show you what it looks like (not a recipe). It is a pre-made sauce in a jar that can be found in the Asian section of your grocery store. Thank you!

  21. Brittany H says:

    Could I have the nutritional facts?

    • Sorry for not getting back to you, Brittany. I don’t have the nutritional info for my recipes, but I’ll work on adding that feature. Thank you!

  22. Am I missing something?? Where’s the recipe…all I see is the list of ingredients! Help! I’ve got everything ready to go and it’s time to start dinner but I can’t figure out where the recipe actually is. Thanks!

    • Hi, Katie. I’m so sorry I just saw this! I looked at the post, and the recipe looks fine for me. I’m not sure what went wrong on your end. I hope your dinner plans weren’t ruined. Are you still not able to see it? You can always email me if you need a quick response and I’m not answering your question:

  23. This was great! I am always looking for ground turkey recipes that aren’t bland.. I substituted apple cider vinegar with a pinch of sugar since I did not have seasoned rice vinegar on hand. The heat was in the background of the dish, which was perfect! Thanks, we’ll be adding this to our regular rotation.

  24. heather fowler says:

    What is housing sauce? And does it have to be used and can I make the Chinese green beans rice and ground turkey with out it?

    • Hi, Heather! Hoisin sauce is a Chinese sauce that’s usually pretty easy to find in the Asian section of your grocery store. It’s a little sweet and a little salty. You could substitute black bean sauce or even bottled teriyaki sauce (both also found in the Asian section). I hope that helps!

  25. heather fowler says:

    What can be used in place of the rice vinegar IF it can’t be found.

    • Hi, Heather! I bet you will be able to find the vinegar in the Asian or salad dressing section of your store. If not (or if you don’t want to buy it), you could try white wine vinegar instead. Thanks for stopping by :)

  26. Anel Diaz says:

    Hello..This recipe looks so delicious. But for some reason I can’t find the recipe. Help please.

  27. Wonderful!!!!! I used fresh green beans and some canned and a bit more of sriracha. My family loved it! Definitely a keeper.

  28. i don’t usually comment on recipes, this is actually my first time, but I had to let you know how amazing this recipe is! I tried it for the first time tonight and my hubby and kids loved it! My 6 year old doesn’t like green beans but she ate all of her dinner and asked for more! Only thing I did differently was halve the amount of garlic chili sauce because of the kids. But otherwise I followed the recipe and it was great! Thanks for posting!

    • Andi Gleeson says:

      Thank you so much, Shalana! I’m so flattered that you would break your commenting silence for me :) I’m very happy to hear that you all liked this recipe so much!

  29. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

  30. This dish was yummy and easy to make, which is always a plus for me. I added in sliced mushrooms with the greenbeans and doubled up on the sauce, because I love my rice saturated too. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I look forward to making it again!

  31. Jeannine findley says:

    looking for the recipe for chinese green beans with ground turkey
    Thank you

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