Easy Weekly Dinner Menu #122: Chili, Beef and Gravy, and More Comforting Dishes

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December 31, 2022
Andi Gleeson

This week’s dinner menu includes new recipes like Sweet Potato Sausage Chili and old favorites like Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice and Stovetop BBQ Chicken!

This week's dinner menu includes new recipes like Sweet Potato Sausage Chili and old favorites like Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice and Stovetop BBQ Chicken!

Hi! How has your week been? Mine has been as busy as ever but good. A highlight was going to an odd homeopathic allergy clinic in an effort to be treated for wheat intolerance. A friend told me about this place and said they basically cured her lifelong seasonal allergies. It sounded pretty hokey, but I was willing to risk the money for the chance of eating bread again (even occasionally).

During the appointment, the “doctor” placed a cuff on one arm, which delivered electrical impulses for a long list of allergens and irritants. At the same time, she measured the muscle strength in my other arm to look for a reaction. If my muscle strength decreased when I was zapped with a particular impulse, it meant that I had a sensitivity to that.

After all that testing, she gave me a list of sensitivities, with histamines, sugars, and wheat being the top ones. Cats, coffee, flavor enhancers (?), and eggs also made the list, but she said they were mild and probably didn’t need to be treated. Then we got to the first treatment, which was for histamines. The same cuff was placed on my arm while she used a percussion instrument down my back repeatedly while I was sent the impulse for the histamines my body supposedly overreacts to. The percussion is supposed to trigger my parasympathetic nervous system to recondition my body into thinking the irritant is actually a good thing and instead of something to react against. I’m going back for treatments for sugar and wheat in the next few days, and then I get to challenge it by eating a little wheat and seeing how I feel.

If this sounds crazy to you, believe me. It sounds pretty crazy to me too. Still, when a friend is swearing by it and there is even a small chance it could help, it feels worth a try! She said I probably shouldn’t expect to go back to eating wheat all day every day, but I could likely have some now and then without feeling sick for a week like I do now. That would be pretty awesome.

Until then, here is a dinner menu of seven easy recipes that I don’t really call gluten free, but they can easily be enjoyed without wheat ingredients. I know most of you aren’t looking for gluten-free recipes, but you’ll never know it’s missing in these tasty meals!

  1. Roast Beef and Gravy over Roasted Potatoes and Onions (New!)This easy recipe for roast beef and gravy served over potatoes and onions is perfect for Sunday dinner or busy weeknights!
  2. Stovetop BBQ Chicken with Cheddar Chive RiceStovetop Barbecue Chicken - 15 minutes is all you need for perfectly juicy #BBQ chicken!Cheddar Chive Rice - After you try this quick and easy side dish, you'll never go back to packaged rice mixes! - wearychef.com
  3. Sweet Potato and Sausage Chili (New and one of my favorite recipes ever!)I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this Sausage and Sweet Potato Chili may be the best recipe I've shared to date!
  4. Chicken and Pineapple SkewersSkewered Pineapple Chicken Recipe - You will love the pop of citrus flavor in these simple chicken kebabs! - wearychef.com
  5. Slow Cooker Red Beans and RiceSlow Cooker Red Beans and Rice #slowcooker #crockpot #cajun
  6. Sky High Chicken NachosSky High Layered Chicken Nachos
  7. Teriyaki Burgers with Spicy MayoTeriyaki Burgers with Wasabi Mayo

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Andi Gleeson

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Angie S
9 years ago

I have a friend that was telling me bout the treatment that you’re going thru. She swears by it as well, and I may give it a go as I take allergy meds every single day. We’ve been conditioned to think that there’s only one or two ways to treat medical issues – medication or abstention. Why not give it a try? Everything to gain and nothing to lose…

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